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Value Proposition

Address the purchasing and cash management needs of local merchants by offering a business debit program. Corporate One’s business debit card program, which is powered by PSCU Financial Services, is targeted to small businesses and home offices with demand deposit accounts, for use by authorized employees. It operates similarly to the classic card program; however, MasterCard® and Visa® provide preferred interchange rates, which increases revenue to your credit union. Best of all, you can add CURewards to your program to further boost usage and revenue by rewarding your business members’ loyalty.

Credit union benefits

  • Reduce expenses by decreasing both check and deposit processing costs
  • Create potential new revenue streams due to a preferred interchange rate
  • Attract new business members
  • Strengthen existing business relationships by providing them with a convenient financial tool
  • Provide a “card of choice” by rewarding business members for loyalty with CURewards

Business member benefits:

  • Keeps business and personal expenses separate
  • Rewards redeemed through CURewards, which can be combined with personal debit/credit CURewards. Rewards include a wide range of travel and business merchandise as well as high-end electronics, office supplies and travel destinations
  • Convenient cash management
  • Account(s) can be tracked easily
  • Additional cards can be provided to authorized employees
  • More secure than paying with cash
  • Purchases can be made at more locations that do not accept traditional business checks


  • Allows access to fund in small business’ demand deposit account(s)
  • The card works like a check; purchases are deducted directly from the business checking account
  • Transactions are processed like a classic debit card transaction, giving small business owners the same ease and convenience they experience when making purchases with their own signature debit cards
  • CURewards can be earned on business debit accounts as well as on joint ATM/debit and credit accounts
  • Credit unions can include institution-specific products and services in rewards redemption package
  • Easy-to-use Web site,, where cardholders can redeem points for brand name merchandise, travel, cash, gift cards and/or charitable contributions, or make a wish list of items
  • Each credit union sets the rewards rate, redemption criteria and merchandise/travel options