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Cards Services

Corporate One's Cards Services offer profitable and comprehensive turn-key, EMV-ready cards programs designed specifically for small to mid-size credit unions. By leveraging the power of aggregated volumes, our world-class debit and credit card programs enable credit unions to maximize revenue, reduce fraud, and strengthen relationships with members by offering them best-in-class cardholder benefits. Along with these offerings, your credit union can benefit from our ultimate cash management solution, The One Account


  • Simplified process: Upgrading or adding a debit and/or credit card program is nothing to fear. We’ve worked hard to make it easy for you. We offer comprehensive card programs for debit and credit tailored to your credit union’s needs. We design, implement, and manage every aspect of it as your partner.
  • Right features: We do most of the work up front, identifying what you truly need and filtering out what you don’t.
  • Scalable: Our program grows with your operations, allowing you to add more features and functionality when you and your members are ready.
  • Actively managed: Our in-house experts have deep experience in establishing card programs for credit unions just like yours.


  • ATM/Debit: Our flexible and robust solution leverages the STAR network. Convenient, worldwide access, 24/7 member care, a rewards component, and premier fraud mitigation are just a few of the program’s features.
  • Credit cards: Thanks to the power of aggregation, we have developed one of the only credit card programs that can cost-effectively accommodate small to mid-size credit unions, providing a best-in-class product, including rewards, with world-class service.
  • Fraud mitigation: With Defense edge, the newest, most agile fraud-decisioning tool of its generation, we can maintain an industry leadership position in fraud prevention, which benefits credit unions and cardholders with fraud rates lower by more than half the industry average (6 cents for every $100 in sales vs. the overall card industry average of 13 cents). In addition, Footprints technology gives credit unions the power to research any potential misuse of card and cardholder information by employees granted access to the First Data system, where the information is housed.
  • Rewards: Our dynamic rewards programs, CURewards, will help make your credit union debit card top of wallet. Your credit union sets the points system and you choose the rewards for your members. We also offer joint rewards for participants on both our debit and credit programs.
  • Strategic consulting: Boost your credit union’s card portfolio performance with a 360-degree review of your debit and credit programs. Through our partnership with PSCU on our card solutions, Corporate One members have access to AdvisorsPlus®. With AdvisorsPlus, PSCU will strategically evaluate and strengthen your existing card portfolios by developing and executing an actionable plan that harnesses areas of potential growth and improvement.

The One Account

Our easy, competitive, integrated cash management solution has convenient overnight investment options, paying very competitive rates. With The One Account, you’ll have access to a full suite of cash management tools, such as Member$MART, our web-based account management system, making Corporate One the only place you'll need or want for effective cash management.