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Corporate One Partners with CUSO, eDOC Innovations, Inc.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Corporate One Federal Credit Union, a leading provider of financial products and services to the credit union industry, announced today that it has joined eDOC Innovations, Inc, (formerly Reed Data, Inc.) the nation’s leading CUSO for e-document strategies and a provider of electronic document management and electronic image and forward collection (Check 21) services. A third partner in eDOCs Innovations is CU*Answers, a CUSO made up of 76 credit unions that provides data processing, network services and check processing support to credit unions throughout the nation.

“At Corporate One, our expertise has been in imaging and storing certain transactional documents, such as share draft clearings and forward collection items, providing our members with robust image retrieval and image research tools,” said Lee Butke, Corporate One’s president and CEO. “With this new partnership, we now have the ability to help credit unions develop a comprehensive document imaging strategy through offerings that will encompass these transactional documents as well as other documents critical to running a credit union – documents like transaction receipts, signature cards and loan applications. We can now offer credit unions a total imaging solution,” he added.

eDOC Innovations services more than 400 credit unions through its e-document strategies software, DocLogic – a complete “Go Paperless” platform for credit unions that desire to increase member satisfaction and worker productivity, while decreasing operational costs connected with printing, storing and retrieving paper documents. DocLogic allows credit unions to “go green,” while at the same time enhancing their members’ interactions with them.

“Innovation is a mindset that we promote in our business practices,” explained Bret Weekes, president and CEO of eDOC Innovations. “Our new partnership with Corporate One brings together solutions that will help credit unions nationwide in a very personal way. That is what innovation is about for us – giving credit unions the edge to succeed,” added Weekes.

Randy Karnes, CEO of CU*Answers agrees. Karnes explains, “We are excited about this new partnership on many levels, but primarily because it allows the CUSO to develop holistic e-document tactics that are part of a credit union’s central strategy, not just a last minute extension of a completed transaction.”

The partnership of eDOC Innovations, CU*Answers and Corporate One brings together three separate industry leaders that each bring specialized abilities in serving the entire credit union community.


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About eDOC Innovations, Inc.

Since 1992, eDOC Innovations, Inc. (formerly Reed Data) has delivered complete optical archiving and electronic document management solutions to credit unions, banks, mortgage and title companies, educational institutions, governmental entities, accounting firms, and other organizations across the country and internationally. The company’s offerings span integration, extensive networking solutions, and disaster recovery solutions. With industry acclaimed DocLogic™ and idocVAULT™, eDOC Innovations is a national leader in providing paperless solutions to more than 400 credit unions. For more information about “Technology that pays for itself… again and again”™, please visit eDOC Innovations’ corporate website at

About CU*Answers

CU*Answers was founded more than 35 years ago and is a 100% credit union-owned CUSO located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. CU*Answers offers a wide variety of services for credit unions including its flagship CU*BASE processing system in both an online (ASP) and in-house environment, and Internet development services featuring the It’s Me 247 online banking product. Additional services include web site development, network design and security, image check processing and CU*Check 21 services. CU*Answers provides combined services to credit unions nationally representing nearly 1.5 million members and $10 billion in credit union assets. CU*Answers provides expertise in implementing technical solutions to operational needs, and is a leader in helping credit unions form strategic alliances and partnerships. For more information, visit the company’s website at

About Corporate One

Corporate One Federal Credit Union is a leading wholesale financial services provider to more than 800 of America’s credit unions. With more than $5.2 billion in assets under management, Corporate One offers correspondent services including ATM/debit cards, share draft imaging, and depository and electronic payment services to credit unions in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia, as well as investment solutions to credit unions across the United States. Corporate One also developed and manages Alliance One, one of the nation’s largest non-network-specific ATM selective-surcharging groups. For more information, visit

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