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OneWire goes live Dec. 5

Training materials now available, users urged to review

By: Melissa Ashley, VP, CFO

Melissa Ashley Headshot
The leaves have fallen from the trees, the days are shorter and cooler, and Jingle Bells can readily be heard playing in stores. It’s hard to believe it’s already the holiday season, and not just for obvious reasons. Over the last year, an integrated team at Corporate One has been busy preparing to implement OneWire, a new and improved wire services solution. And, with December upon us, we are now just days away from the cut over date of December 5.


On December 5, users are to begin processing wires through OneWire. Users will not be able to access wires through MemberView®.  Should users need to access details about a previous wire sent through MemberView, please call Member Services at 866/MyCorp1, and a Member Services Representative will assist you.

As a reminder, users are asked to sign-in to OneWire on December 5 to verify they can successfully access the system, regardless of whether or not wire transfers need to be processed, and to contact Corporate One if they encounter any problems doing so.

We are excited and eager to convert our wire platform to OneWire for the convenience and time-saving advantages our member credit unions will experience and enjoy. OneWire eliminates the need for callbacks and provides faster processing for incoming, outgoing, domestic and international wires, among many other benefits. All users should have received their OneWire username and password, which was mailed out in mid-November. If you have not received your OneWire username and password, please contact Member Services at 866/MyCorp1.

Users will not be able to access OneWire until it is live on December 5. However, Corporate One has developed a five-part on-demand webinar training series so that users can become familiar with the system in the meantime. The trainings include:

  1. Using OneWire for the First Time: Overview, Initial Sign-on and Basics Webinar—This is an introductory webinar, highlighting the features and benefits of OneWire, how users can access and exit the system, among other basic system facts. Additionally, this webinar reviews how and when a user should use the caller-initiated password and PIN.
  2. OneWire Password Maintenance and Re-sets Webinar—One of OneWire’s benefits is that users can manage their own passwords. This training webinar reviews commonly asked password maintenance questions, including how users change their password and what to do if/when a user becomes “locked out” of OneWire.
  3. OneWire Daily Domestic Payment Processing Webinar—This webinar is for users processing domestic wire transfers, reviewing all pertinent processes, including how to modify and verify payments as well as create templates for recurring domestic wires.
  4. OneWire Daily International (FX) Payment Processing Webinar—While similar in many respects to processing domestic wire transfers, this training webinar highlights the steps users take to process FX wires.
  5. OneWire Research and Reporting Webinar—This webinar outlines how users can conduct searches on specific wires and/or groups of wires, and highlights how users can take advantage of OneWire’s reporting capabilities.

These trainings, as well as the OneWire user manual, can be found in the “Show Member Forms” section of MemberView under “OneWire.” All training materials can also be accessed from Corporate One’s Security Token Portal at

We look forward to a successful transition to OneWire. On behalf of all of us at Corporate One, we appreciate your cooperation as we strive to provide you the best and most efficient solutions for your credit union.