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Through Lucro, a CUSO owned by Corporate One, we offer a full range of services to help credit unions start a business services program, run it efficiently and grow the business.

Getting Started With Business Services

Lucro offers a business-ready, start-up package that allows credit unions to enter the business services marketplace quickly and successfully. The start-up package provides sample policies, ongoing staff training and underwriting services designed to meet policy requirements. As a result, credit unions partnering with Lucro have the infrastructure necessary for meeting regulatory requirements along with plenty of operational support.

Efficient Back Room Operational Support

Lucro's primary mission is to provide fast and efficient back room operations that allows credit unions to concentrate on delivering excellent service to their business member. By centralizing credit analysis, underwriting, credit policy and back-office support, Lucro offers the tools and operational expertise needed at a fraction of the cost of starting a program independently. This approach frees credit unions' internal resources to focus on growing the business services program.


Lucro offers credit unions training in both the credit and sales areas, as well as periodic webinars on subjects such as Small Business Administration (SBA) loans and working with the SBA.

Lucro's experienced and seasoned professionals can assist credit unions on a variety of related levels, including making loan decisions. With solid experience in underwriting and the processing field, Lucro staff has maintained focus on the commercial loan arena to create its NCUA compliant solutions.

Business Services Offerings:

  • NCUA compliant loan policies and procedures
  • Loan underwriting by seasoned commercial underwriters
  • Commercial loan documentation services, compliant in all 50 states
  • Brokering participations among partners and loan servicing
  • Pricing and structure support
  • Market consulting

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