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Value proposition

Provide your members and local merchants with the ultimate payment option by offering domestic wire transfers, which are among the most secure, final and expedient method for transferring funds. Corporate One's wire transfer services allow credit unions to securely and easily wire funds across town or across the world at a competitive price.

How does it work?

To ensure the utmost security surrounding outgoing domestic wires, credit unions begin by authorizing specific personnel to perform domestic wire transfers. Authorized users receive credentials so they may access OneWire Domestic to create and/or verify outgoing wires. Corporate One verifies all outgoing wires prior to transmitting.


  • Secure, same-day settlement
  • Convenient, secure online access to OneWire Domestic
  • Competitive pricing when compared to other financial institutions
  • Late day deadline with cut-off time for domestic wires at 6:50 p.m. ET
  • Free online training and materials


  • Various reporting capabilities
  • Several fraud mitigation tools, including dual authentication of outgoing wires
  • Wire templates for the easy creation of recurring wires
  • OFAC screening ability within the wire system to help satisfy compliance and risk mitigation in one place
  • Fully tested and operationally redundant system for business continuity
  • Wire transactions are archived for seven years
  • Ability to process drawdown requests