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Corporate One maintains a conservative investment portfolio, and offers credit unions a diversified array of investment solutions, including certificates of deposit and overnight investments. Offered by our licensed investment professionals, Corporate One's investment solutions allow credit unions to manage their cash effectively and earn a competitive yield.
Integral to the solutions Corporate One develops are the alliances we forge to make them possible. We have several notable affiliations that add significant value to Corporate One for the benefit of our members. By taking advantage of such synergies we are able to leverage industry expertise and aggregate volumes to provide comprehensive, competitive solutions to credit unions nationwide.
Corporate One’s payment solutions, on both the deposit and receipt side of processing, position credit unions to effectively compete in today’s marketplace. Collect and transfer money securely with our suite of payment solutions, such as share drafts, remote deposit capture, ACH, cards, and wire and vault services. Meet your members’ demands for easy, convenient and cost effective money management.
Corporate One strategically manages our liquidity position to ensure credit unions have access to funds when demand increases. We provide cost-effective short and long-term liquidity options on which credit unions have come to rely.
Corporate One is ready to help your credit union succeed in the digital age. Our digital family of solutions focuses on optimizing the Member Acquisition Experience (MAX) by effectively and conveniently onboarding new members so credit unions can grow their memberships and address challenges in the current market.
With Corporate One’s business service solutions, credit unions can grow revenue, deepen relationships and attract members through innovative new products. Help your local merchants simplify and streamline business-related cash management processes with our convenient, cost-effective solutions.
Of Mind
With experienced, accredited and licensed personnel, a sound financial position, and a strong business model further strengthened by successful products and services, Corporate One is where credit unions belong.
Cash Management Solutions

Corporate One’s card solutions provide powerful, profitable and comprehensive card programs by leveraging the power of aggregated volumes. Our world-class solutions, including both ATM/debit and credit, enable credit unions to maximize revenue, reduce fraud and strengthen relationships with members by offering them best-in-class cardholder benefits.

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Grow your ATM/debit card program with our flexible and robust solution that leverages the STAR network. Convenient, worldwide access, 24/7 member care, a rewards component and premier fraud mitigation are just a few of the program’s features. Learn More ►

Credit Cards

Thanks to the power of aggregation, Corporate One has developed one of the only credit card programs that can cost-effectively accommodate small-to-medium-sized volume credit unions, providing a best-in-class product − including rewards − with world-class service. Learn More ►

Fraud Mitigation

Protect members while protecting your credit union with state-of-the-art fraud and risk management tools, such as Falcon® Fraud Predictor. This important feature uses neural network technology to “learn” merchant and cardholder behaviors to ensure fraudulent attempts can be immediately detected and future attempts can be prevented. Learn More ►


Make your credit union’s card top of wallet with a dynamic rewards component that includes cash back, exotic trips and high-end electronics. Joint rewards for participants on both ATM/debit and credit cards are available. Learn More ►

Strategic Counseling

Boost your card program performance with a comprehensive analysis of your debit and credit programs’ key metrics. Designed to maximize opportunities through new product offerings and strategic recommendations, this review will enhance your card portfolios to ensure they continue to be profitable, competitive and primed for growth. Learn More ►

Alliance One

Add access to thousands of surcharge-free ATMs for members cost-effectively and conveniently with Alliance One. As one of the nation’s largest select-surcharge free ATM groups, Alliance One also generates support and income for the credit union movement by driving traffic to credit union ATMs, and producing interchange income. Learn More ►

Peace of Mind

With experienced, accredited and licensed personnel, a sound financial position, and a strong business model further strengthened by successful products and services, Corporate One is where credit unions belong. Learn More ►