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Corporate One maintains a conservative investment portfolio, and offers credit unions a diversified array of investment solutions, including certificates of deposit and overnight investments. Offered by our licensed investment professionals, Corporate One's investment solutions allow credit unions to manage their cash effectively and earn a competitive yield.
Integral to the solutions we develop are the partnerships
we forge to make them possible. At Corporate one, seizing opportunities is all about having the vision to build relationships and create synergies of expertise for the
benefit of our members. Proudly, we have several notable
affiliations that bear fruit for our members.
Corporate One's payment solutions, on both the deposit and receipt side of processing, position credit unions to effectively compete in today's marketplace. Move and collect money securely with our suite of payment solutions, such as share drafts, ACH, remote deposit capture, wire and vault services, whil meeting your members' demands for easy, convenient and cost-effective money management.
Corporate One strategically manages our liquidity position to ensure credit unions have access to funds when demand increases. We provide cost-effective short- and long-term liqudity options on which credit unions have come to rely.
Corporate One is ready to help your credit union succeed in the digital age. Our digital family of solutions focuses on optimizing the Member Acquisition Experience (MAX) by effectively and conveniently onboarding new members so credit unions can grow their memberships and address challenges in the current market.
With Corporate One's business service solutions, credit unions can grow revenue, deepen relationships and attract members through innovative new products. Help your local merchants simplify and streamline business-related cash management processes with our convenient, cost-effective solutions.
Of Mind
With experienced, accredited and licensed personnel, a
sound financial position, and a strong business model
further strengthened by successful products and services,
Corporate One is where credit unions belong.
Corporate One makes cash management easy. We have assembled the right personnel, tools and integrated solutions to ensure you can manage your cash effectively, profitably and with convenience.

Whether at the ATM, in-person or via the Internet, credit unions have deposits coming in, payments going out, inquiries being conducted and new business, such as loans, being processed. It can be demanding to ensure such information is turned around by staff efficiently and then conveniently provided to members the way they want it. Imaging solutions reduce a credit union’s reliance on paper, increasing credit union efficiency and member convenience through a variety of products--making everything from posting items for forward cash collection to archiving credit union member documents.

Share Drafts

Add value to your share draft program by going totally electronic with Corporate One’s cost-effective, yet powerful offering. Without any limitations from moving paper, any credit union in the U.S. can use this product, benefiting from enhanced efficiencies and robust research capabilities via Member$MART, our member account management system. Learn More ►

Home Banking Imaging

Meet your members’ needs with Corporate One’s convenient home banking imaging program, which makes available share draft and branch capture images to credit union home banking sites. Learn More ►

Remote Deposit Capture

Reduce expenses, mitigate risk and secure additional business by taking advantage of Corporate One’s comprehensive offering, comprised of both branch and merchant capture. Images are archived, and available for researching/viewing in Member$MART. Learn More ►

ATM Deposit Automation

Eliminate empty envelope fraud, higher costs related to processing deposits at traditional ATMs and the staff time needed to collect items from each ATM location with Corporate One’s ATM deposit automation solution. Learn More ►

Document Imaging

Document imaging is a strategic solution that can help your credit union streamline operations for improved efficiency, strengthen security, lower overhead costs and optimum member service. Through our co-ownership of eDOC Innovations, Inc., the nation’s leading imaging solutions credit union service organization, your credit union can get out from under the piles of paper and go paperless. Learn More ►

Peace of Mind

With experienced, accredited and licensed personnel, a sound financial position, and a strong business model further strengthened by successful products and services, Corporate One is where credit unions belong. Learn More ►