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Value Proposition

Corporate One’s deposit automation solution for image-enabled ATMs allows your credit union to reduce your costs to process ATM deposits, eliminate empty envelope fraud, and access a powerful, searchable image database containing all of your ATM deposit images.

How does it work?

Members make deposits – without a deposit ticket – and receive a receipt with an image of their deposit item(s). Images and deposit/cash-in data are captured by the ATM and stored on a consolidation server on the credit union’s network. Each ATM is assigned its own “teller ID”. Staff then simply imports the images and data from the server into a software interface, where each image can be viewed and any adjustments can be made. Images and data are transmitted to Corporate One, where they are stored in a powerful, searchable image database, then routed for forward collection.


  • Corporate One has worked directly with ATM manufacturers to integrate our solution into their image-enabled ATMs. This effectively reduces the cost of entry for credit unions to engage in a single-stream deposit automation process
  • Your credit union no longer needs to collect paper items each day from its ATMs
  • Empty envelope fraud is eliminated. Plus, your staff can review ATM deposits earlier in the day, shortening the window for other types of fraud


  • The solution includes an integration that allows staff to import images and deposit/cash-in data
  • Image-enabled ATMs perform image quality analysis (IQA), validating images to ensure they meet established Check 21 standards for electronic forward collection
  • Cash accepted at the ATM is reported on and can be used to balance against the credit union’s switch reports
  • This solution provides 100% next-day availability of funds

Automated Capture & Exchange (ACE)

Corporate One’s remote deposit capture solution for over-the-counter items, Automated Capture & Exchange (ACE), is a back-office solution that makes electronic forward collection easy and affordable. While ACE is not required for Corporate One’s image-enabled deposit automation ATM solution, users of ACE benefit from a single image database that includes images of both ATM and over-the-counter items.

Powerful, Searchable Image Database

  • After transmission to Corporate One, images are made available in our secure, online account management system, MemberView®, within approximately 30 minutes
  • The image database includes images of all of your ATM check deposits
  • Searches are free and unlimited
  • Staff can search by ATM, date presented, effective date and dollar amount


Our image-enabled deposit automation ATM solution offers ATM-level settlement and extensive reporting. Batch reports include all information found in an item’s MICR line, including account number, R&T number and draft number. This information is summarized by ATM.

Benefits of Image Availability

  • With image review and retrieval, your staff can perform various operational efforts, such as data mining, fraud detection and identifying sources of new money
  • Because your staff can view each image individually before it’s sent for forward collection, holds can be placed or adjusted on ATM deposit items
  • Identify check kiting by searching by account number for all items being deposited on a specific day. Then look at any other accounts that member may have and see what types of debits are offsetting credits on any other accounts. Likewise, the image database allows you to search for repeat deposits to a given account. For instance, you could search for deposited items just under the $10,000 threshold for CTR reporting to find deposits that may be suspicious
  • Suppose your credit union is running a special rate on certificates of $5,000 or more to bring in new money. You can search the image database to show all deposited items for $5,000 or more, then look at each image to see which financial institutions provided the sources of the new money

Why Automate?

  • The cost to process a deposit at a traditional ATM averages $1.70 per transaction versus $0.40 per transaction at a deposit automated ATM*
  • The empty envelope accounts for more than half of ATM deposit fraud** ATM deposit automation eliminates empty envelope fraud
  • Corporate One’s image-enabled deposit automation ATM solution features a powerful, searchable image database