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Value Proposition

With the popularity of home banking, people and businesses have come to expect the ability to view their account details online. Corporate One has the expertise to work with your home banking provider to ensure your members have timely access to their share draft account and deposited item images. Since 1998, Corporate One’s share draft processing services have featured digital imaging. We have a strong history of successful and non-intrusive interfaces with all major core processors and home banking providers. We will work with your credit union to supply your home banking provider with the share draft and Automated Capture and Exchange (ACE) deposit images needed for your home banking site, so you can continue to provide your members with the solutions they need to maintain their personal or business finances.


  • Competitively aligns with other banks and marketplace
  • Labor savings from reduced time in researching items for members
  • Easy and cost-effective to implement

How Does It Work?

To begin, credit unions interested in this offering should submit an official request on credit union letterhead. Corporate One will then work with our member and/or their data processor to ensure that images can be exchanged successfully. Once implemented, Corporate One will transmit the designated information daily, either a share draft transmission file, an ACE image archive file for on-us items or both, so member credit unions can offer this essential service to their members.


  • Online catalogue of images for previous 365 days
  • Cleared share draft images are available for Web query 24 hours after processing at Corporate One
  • ACE images are available 60 minutes after being submitted to Corporate One
  • Compatible with all major core processors and home banking providers