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Our mobile/digital family of solutions focuses on optimizing the Member Acquisition Experience (MAX) so you can grow your membership as effectively as possible. MAX has been designed specifically to address challenges in the current market to help your credit union successfully grow and engage its members.


“With Gro Account Opening, Achieva Credit Union saw a 30% increase in the number of submitted applications in comparison to their former account-opening product.”

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Did you know that abandonment rates for typical mobile acquisition solutions is approximately 80%? And right now, the average amount of time it takes to open an account in person is 30 minutes. That’s too long.

Imagine if you had a solution that could onboard a new member in an average of four minutes via smartphones, tablets, and PCs from any location, such as community events and at your branch. It’s time to revolutionize your new member acquisition strategies. A premier digital member acquisition solution, Gro offers a state-of-the-art, easy-to-use platform both your potential members and credit union personnel will love.

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Easy experience Platform support 4 minute onboarding
Gro optimizes the mobile user experience, but it’s not simply a mobile app. The streamlined experience allows prospective members to open new accounts from the cozy convenience of home. Gro streamlines the account opening process by using the same platform whether you’re on a smartphone, using a tablet, or signing up face-to-face in a branch. With Gro, it only takes 4 minutes on average to open an account. This improves the success rate of online account opening by nearly 50%, and significantly enhances your in-branch experience.

How does Gro work?

Open accounts in just four minutes by following these easy steps:

1. Select your product
2. Enter your information
3. Verify your identity
4. Fund your account

Watch this brief demonstration video to learn more.


“Consumers Credit Union has estimated saving members more than 500 hours from the months of April to September by automating the switch process.”

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According to a recent independent Javelin study, financial institutions can lift the profitability of the new checking account customer $212 per year with onboarding that enables the customers to not only open an account but also start doing business with the financial institution.

Help new members fully engage with your credit union during the account opening process.

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Automated debits & credits Real-time confirmations Payee notifications
Conveniently and securely switches automated debits and credits, including direct deposits and government payments. Real-time switch status, including confirmations of when payments have been successfully switched. Auto-debit payee notification of new account information and closing of legacy account.

How does ClickSWITCH work?

Transfer automated payments and direct deposits in about ten minutes by following these simple steps:

1. Create your profile
2. Switch your direct deposits
3. Switch your automated payments
4. Close your old accounts

Watch this brief video to learn more.


Do you want to provide members a platform to switch their deposits and recurring payments?
If so, please contact us using the form below or call Toby Thomas, VP, Correspondent Services Sales at 614/825-9356 to learn more.

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Why Corporate One?

Corporate One has a history of strong earnings and conservative financial management. We were one of only a few corporates that did not impair our members’ capital during the recent financial crisis, and we currently have more than $280 million in total capital.* This solid capital position gives us the balance sheet to support our members’ funding needs, acquire new balances, and most importantly, protect member shares and certificates. Learn More ►

*Total capital as of December 31, 2016

The One Account

Our easy, competitive, integrated cash management solution has convenient overnight investment options, paying very competitive rates. With The One Account, you’ll have access to a full suite of cash management tools, such as Member$MART, our web-based account management system, making Corporate One the only place you'll need or want for effective cash management.