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Value Proposition

Since the passing of the Check 21 law in 2004, there has been an explosion in electronic payments, with one of the leading solutions being remote deposit capture (RDC), which captures digital images of items so they can be electronically processed for forward cash collection. Corporate One’s RDC solutions for both branch and merchant capture are effective solutions that will allow your credit union to maximize the benefits of RDC for significant time and cost savings. Along with this offering, your credit union can benefit from our ultimate cash management solution, The One Account.

Automated Capture and Exchange (ACE)

ACE is a back-counter branch capture system that allows credit unions to perform total electronic forward collection of deposits and manage other items more easily and efficiently. Corporate One’s ACE program is a customizable package of services, offering our ACE participants two types of services: associate and independent.

With the ACE Associate program, Corporate One provides a turnkey solution, handling much of the responsibility and risk. Corporate One:

  • Provides credit unions with dedicated PC(s), scanner(s) and ACE software
  • Provides support for all equipment and software
  • Provides live and on-demand ACE training
  • Stores your images in a searchable database for seven years
  • Forwards your items for collection using a least-cost routing model

With the ACE Independent option, Corporate One:

  • Provides credit unions with detailed specifications on compatible PCs and scanners
  • Provides ACE software
  • Stores images in our searchable database for seven years
  • Collects items electronically through our least-cost routing system
  • Provides extensive training to a designated individual at respective credit unions who then becomes the resident expert for all ACE training
  • Provides live and on-demand ACE training
  • Provides help desk support for software, transmission, image database and forward collection issues

For interested credit unions, Corporate One offers two additional solutions that leverage the power of ACE as well as our expertise in processing. More information on each of these solutions can be found on their specific product pages.

  • X937 Electronic Settlement/ACE Direct Send: Credit unions use their own branch capture software to send standard X9 files to Corporate One for forward collection Learn More ►
  • ATM Deposit Automation: Allows credit unions with image-enabled ATMs to streamline ATM deposit processing and eliminate empty envelope fraud by sending images and their respective data to Corporate One where they are routed for forward collection Learn More ►


  • Leverage least-cost routing model for low cost forward cash collection of items
  • Replace efforts to microfilm or copy items by scanning, validating and archiving your items in seconds
  • Scan many types of deposit items, including on-own items, savings bonds and loan coupons
  • Eliminate the need to develop or maintain your own in-house image database
  • Spend less time and effort researching items by using our searchable, secure online image database, MemberView®. Additionally, with the searchable image database, credit unions have even more options when trying to identify fraud and potential return items
  • Improve clearing and return times
  • Reduce or eliminate courier fees by transmitting electronic images to Corporate One for clearing and returns

How does it work?

Using a dedicated PC and scanner, your staff scans batches of deposited items. ACE balances the batches and validates R/T numbers and MICR ink, helping to prevent fraud. ACE electronically sends images of the deposited items to Corporate One via a secure connection. Corporate One archives the images for seven years, with the last 365 days’ worth of images instantly available online at all of your branch locations. Using a model of least-cost routing, Corporate One exchanges your images with the Federal Reserve, clearinghouses and other financial institutions. We continue to sign direct exchange agreements to reduce clearing costs for our members.


  • Recognizes “on-own” images instantly, allowing you to clear them in-house, same-day
  • Provides 100% next-day availability of funds
  • Offers branch-level settlement and extensive reporting, including summary reports and reports by batch and teller
  • Includes a re-deposit option via an online interface for returns and adjustments
  • Allows credit unions to transmit batches throughout the day, reducing end-of-day workload
  • Includes access to a dedicated Help Desk -- a single point of support for all related issues, including business recovery
  • Performs Image Quality Analysis (IQA) on each item to ensure than it meets Check 21 standards for readability
  • Day settlement occurs the next business day if batch is received before or at 7:30 p.m. EST. (For example, if scanned and submitted to Corporate One on Monday prior to 7:30 p.m. EST, settlement would occur on Tuesday)

The Power of Least-Cost Routing

Corporate One uses a least-cost routing model to keep processing costs down for our members. By aggregating the volume of all ACE items, Corporate One is able to leverage relationships with key financial institutions around the country to ensure the least costly route to present items for collection. Routing may be done through the Federal Reserve Bank, a national exchange network or directly with the financial institution upon which the check is drawn. By routing items in this manner, Corporate One is able to pass savings onto our members.

The One Account

Our easy, competitive, integrated cash management solution has convenient overnight investment options, paying very competitive rates. With The One Account, you’ll have access to a full suite of cash management tools, such as Member$MART, our web-based account management system, making Corporate One the only place you'll need or want for effective cash management.