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Value Proposition

Share draft processing is the payment backbone of any credit union, regardless of asset size or membership base. Corporate One's share draft program is flexible and powerful, allowing credit unions to provide their members personalized access to their funds, including convenient online accessing of cleared items. Along with this offering, your credit union can benefit from our ultimate cash management solution, The One Account.


  • Time and money savings, thanks to free adjustments, free research assistance and 100% next-business-day availability of adjustment funds
  • Corporate One acts as a liaison with all Federal Reserve check processing sites
  • Additional image quality analysis and duplicate detection to help reduce adjustments and detect fraud
  • Two business checking options give you choices about how your credit union's own items are handled


  • Unsurpassed member service
  • Free assistance with adjustments
  • 100% next-business-day availability of adjustment funds
  • Free source of receipts upon request
  • Multiple file transmission options, including Member$MART, FTP and others
  • Online interface for input of returns
  • Online verification of files and settlement


Using our web-based account management system, your credit union can:

  • Monitor daily settlement of share draft clearings, returns and adjustments
  • View electronic images of items
  • Process returns and adjustments manually or using host files
  • View the daily cleared item report for business drafts
  • Submit and receive transmission files
  • Monitor account activity and balances
  • Invest settlement funds

Digital Imaging

Since 1998, Corporate One's share draft processing services have featured digital imaging. This approach allows for the online storage of an electronic image of both sides of a processed share draft for up to 365 days or 7 years. Additional electronic delivery options exist for receiving and maintaining digital images at the credit union.

  • Access share draft items easily online, for viewing (posted and non-posted items) and printing at the point of service
  • Maintain a database of share drafts images in proprietary format at the credit union by receiving FTP files daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Import images into an internal imaging system at the credit union by importing FTP files daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Offer credit union members the ability to view their own share draft images on the Web, via the credit union's online banking channel. Corporate One interfaces with most major data processors
  • Offload images through FTP files by account number to small business members as a tool to facilitate account management.

Corporate Drafts

With Corporate Drafts, credit unions have a convenient way to issue and track checks directly on their Corporate One settlement accounts.


With any share draft processing program, continuity and security are integral components. Our business recovery program includes:

  • A redundant data storage system
  • A secondary off-site processing site
  • Line of credit options to protect from overdrafts

The One Account

Our easy, competitive, integrated cash management solution has convenient overnight investment options, paying very competitive rates. With The One Account, you’ll have access to a full suite of cash management tools, such as Member$MART, our web-based account management system, making Corporate One the only place you'll need or want for effective cash management.