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Value proposition

As our digital economy grows and consumers increasingly turn toward mobile technologies, the demand that payments be safe, easy, fast, secure, and available to everyone continues to surge. In response to this demand, new and innovative payment solutions have come to market, and many others will be emerging.

As a long-time trusted payments provider for credit unions, we believe it is important to be at the forefront of the U.S. financial services industry’s development of a fully interoperable domestic real-time payments network, creating opportunities for credit unions to take advantage of real-time payments. To that end, we are now certified as a funding agent provider for The Clearing House’s RTP® network, and we have obtained both Receive Only and Send/Receive Participant certifications on this network.

Our offering

Our Funding Agent Service on the RTP network means that Corporate One can provide and manage the funding required for its member credit unions who themselves are participants in the RTP® network. This is significant because it means Corporate One can manage liquidity 24/7/365 for its members that participate in the RTP network, which could be overly burdensome and more costly for credit unions to administer on their own. Learn more about Corporate One’s funding agent service.

Later this year, we will be deploying a brand-new, real-time payments offering that will enable credit unions to leverage the RTP network for payments on their own accounts.


For credit unions who want to learn more about real-time payments and Corporate One’s participation and industry status, please visit our Real-Time Payments Info Center. Featuring articles, webinars and infographics created by Corporate One, the U.S. Faster Payments Council, and The Clearing House, the info center will help your credit union discover more about the benefits of real-time payments and learn how to get connected to real-time payments opportunities.