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Value proposition

When joining Alliance One, one of the nation’s largest selective-surcharge free ATM groups, your credit union opens the door to thousands of ATMs for your members. With fewer hidden fees, your members will have greater access and more control over their money, while generating more support and revenue for the credit union movement. Alliance One was built upon the cooperative ideals that are the cornerstone of the credit union movement. In this case, it’s “credit unions helping credit unions.”


  • Cost-effectively offer thousands of ATMs with lower ATM fees to your members
  • Compete with larger financial institutions by multiplying your members’ access to ATMs, without having to pay foreign ATM surcharges
  • Generate more ATM traffic to your credit union’s ATMs and earn interchange income from participant transactions
  • Cooperate with credit unions and financial institutions across the country
  • Help the underserved keep more of their money in their pockets

How does it work?

Upon joining Alliance One, you’ll provide the relevant information to ensure your members are not charged fees at participating ATMs and we will work with you and your terminal driver to ensure any ATMs you may have are surcharge-free to other Alliance One cardholders.

Alliance One, developed and managed by Corporate One Federal Credit Union, is open to institutions with ATM programs of any network. Credit unions are not required to own terminals to join Alliance One.

Key features

  • Partnerships with close to 1,000 financial institutions and organizations in almost all 50 states
  • An interactive Web site for cardholders and financial institutions allowing:
    • Cardholders to easily locate ATMs nationwide
    • Easy, convenient online account management access for Alliance One participants to update terminal and BIN files to ensure up-to-date accuracy of information
    • Participating institutions to download the full participant/ATM list
  • Marketing materials, such as lobby posters and statement stuffers, are available for promoting the program to members. Materials can easily be ordered from the Web site
  • Alliance One ATM decals are provided to your credit union upon initiation, if needed. Decals can conveniently be ordered from the Web site for any new ATMs added to the group
  • Timely updates of information to ensure integrity of cardholder and ATM data:
    • Bi-weekly terminal updates to ensure ATM list is current
    • Monthly BIN load updates to ensure accuracy of cardholder list
    • Biennial audit of all information for the collective benefit of participants in the alliance
  • Partnerships with national and regional organizations to broaden ATM footprint and promote membership in credit unions:
    • Through a partnership with Dallas-based Affiliated Computer Services, Alliance One gives surcharge-free ATM access to residents in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania and New York who receive state-issued payments and benefits (such as child support and unemployment insurance benefits) via debit cards. In addition, the partnership gives ATM access to federal benefits recipients, such as those receiving social security, nationwide
    • In 2007, Alliance One forged a relationship with Sheetz convenience stores, adding more than 300 ATMs in stores across six states