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Corporate One Federal Credit Union proudly offers our members a host of proven effective products and services to help them serve their members better. To assist our members in further leveraging the power of these products and services, Corporate One has designed a Training Certification Program that allows employees at member credit unions to become more proficient on the Corporate One products and services most relevant to their daily job duties through on-demand trainings, and acknowledges them for completing each respective training level with a certificate of completion. The Training Certification Program is also a great tool for managers when training new employees on job functions as they relate to the Corporate One products, such as ACE, ACH and others, used at their credit union.

How it works

Corporate One has updated and grouped our on-demand training webinars into expertise areas for our members so they may track their success and become more knowledgeable on several of our most popular products as indicated below. The on-demand nature of the trainings allows members to train at a pace that works best for them, but we do request that users take no longer than one year to complete each level.

All of the on-demand training webinars in the Training Certification Program can be found in Members Only, Corporate One’s member account management system, under “Resources.” From there, members simply view the trainings in which they desire to gain more knowledge. If you or your credit union do not have access to Members Only, please complete the request form below to have the requested trainings emailed to you (please note: you must be an employee of a member credit union to participate).

The trainings are time efficient and interactive; oftentimes, including polls and feedback questions for users to answer. Users must complete each on-demand training webinar within a product area in full to be recognized for completing the respective certification level. Our training software will be able to track each user through a basic registration process, and Corporate One will mail certificates of completion to users who complete the various training levels monthly. Corporate One will also send an email of congratulations to the manager/supervisor of users as they successfully complete each respective level. 

List of Webinars:

Remote Deposit Capture

Vantage OnView: Overview
Vantage OnView: Researching Deposits and Running Reports
Vantage OnView: Reviewing Chargeback Items 

ACH: How to get started as an ODFI

ODFI Rules & Responsibilities
ODFI Risk & Risk Mitigation
ODFI Policies and Procedures
ODFI Contracts and Agreements

Same Day ACH

Same Day ACH Phase 2
Same Day ACH Phase 3
Same Day ACH Update
Making ACH Profitable with Same Day ACH

Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) Model

Introduction To CECL
Risk Identification
Data Inventory
Modeling Approaches
Qualitative Factors and Reasonable and Supportable Forecasts

Credit Union Investments 

Investments 101
Accounting for Debt Securities
SIMPLICD: Issuance
Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS): Pass-Throughs
Introduction to Floating Rate Securities
SBA Programs

Digital Solutions

Mobile Payments Overview
Making the Mobile Experience Profitable
Digital Trends and the Impact on Mobile Experience
Impact of Digital on Lending
Five Fundamental Steps to Building a Digital Strategy
Engaging Members from the Start
Realizing the Digital Mortgage
An Overview of P2P Payments as part of a Holistic Payment Offering

BSA/AML for Volunteers Certification

BSA/AML for Volunteers: A Director's Responsibility

CU Fundamentals Certification

Identifying Parts of a Share Draft

OneWire - Level 1 Certification

Using OneWire for the First Time: Overview, Initial Sign-on and Basic
OneWire Password Maintenance and Re-sets
OneWire Daily Domestic Payment Processing
Using OneWire Templates
OneWire Research and Reporting

OneWire -  Global Certification

Getting Started


Webinar Request Form

For members that do not have access to Members Only, you may request trainings for the Training Certification Program by completing this form. Once your request is received, we’ll verify your membership to Corporate One and return the training links to you via e-mail within three business days.

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