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Value Proposition

Public fund deposits offer deposit diversification and are stable funding sources for credit unions. Public fund deposits can help satisfy a credit union’s short- or long-term or small- or large-block needs. This option brings liquidity from a source outside the credit union market space to credit unions across the nation. Available to all federally insured credit unions, public fund deposit services are offered to members and non-members.


  • Potential access to 2,400 public entities, including school districts and municipalities
  • Multiple, fixed-term options where you select the amount, rate and term
  • The ability to expand your deposit base without disrupting or cannibalizing existing deposits
  • Deposit diversification
  • Reduced seasonality
  • Proactive funding
  • A cost-effective liquidity solution with no direct expenses
  • Operationally efficient
  • Ongoing flexibility
  • Peace of mind from working with a trusted partner with a core mission of providing liquidity to the credit union industry


  • Term deposit program: Laddered or specific, large and small block, using collateralized or non-collateralized options
  • Liquid deposit account program: Large and small block, using collateralized or non-collateralized options
  • Direct deposits less than $250,000
  • Custodial program allows large block deposits without pledging collateral
  • Collateralized deposit program greater than $250,000
    • Security pledge on an individual or program basis
    • Public Unit Deposit Letter of Credit