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Value Proposition

In today’s financial marketplace, risk-conscious credit unions need a sound provider of settlement and safekeeping services for their securities. As part of Corporate One’s complete investment and liquidity services, credit union’s can conveniently store and protect their marketable securities and negotiable certificates of deposit for safekeeping thanks to our partnership with BNY Mellon.

How does it work?

Credit unions who use one or more brokers can use safekeeping with Corporate One to centralize their security holdings. Securities can be settled “Deliver” versus “Payment” with funds automatically pulled from the One Account. In addition, securities can be pledged, and moved freely to and from other safekeeping agents. Extensive daily reporting is available to track security activity.


  • Corporate One-based Administrator assists with transactions
  • Maintain control of securities, no hypothecation
  • Competitive pricing
  • Consolidate safekeeping at one location
  • End of day settlement with corporate one
  • Do not have to transfer funds to BNY
  • Streamlined cash management through our web-based account management system, Member$MART, where members can access their accounts, transfer funds, monitor activity and much more.
  • At-a-glance overview of all your credit union's balances, including deposits, safekeeping holdings and loan balances via the Investment & Funding Dashboard.


  • Delivery versus payment
  • Monthly market valuations
  • Daily holdings reports
  • Online account access via Corporate One Safekeeping