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Value Proposition

Combine investing and issuing with SimpliCD, a turnkey, full-service certificate of deposit program. SimpliCD does all the work; you get all the glory.

SimpliCD (“simplicity”) is a certificate of deposit program that enables credit unions to easily invest substantial funds in federally insured CDs or to generate liquidity quickly by issuing CDs to a nationwide market of potential investors. This turnkey program combines CD investing and issuing with the advantages of competitive rates and consolidated reporting.

SimpliCD is owned and operated by Primary Financial Company LLC, a credit union service organization owned jointly by corporate credit unions nationwide. Best of all, the benefits of SimpliCD can also be passed along to credit union institutional members through the Institutional Investor program. And once you start doing business with Corporate One, you’ll also have access to The One Account, our ultimate cash management solution,where you can easily review your accounts, transfer funds, and monitor activity.

Investing Benefits:
  • No more phone calls to multiple issuers to find competitive rates
  • No more multiple wire transfers to invest in multiple CDs
  • Flexible terms and amounts that fit into your investment strategy
  • Free third-party performance reviews on issuers that help you make more informed decisions
  • Single transaction settlement with no transaction fees
  • Consolidated monthly reports for easier accounting and auditing
  • The security of investing with federally insured institutions

View Daily Rates

How does it work?

Each day, SimpliCD searches its nationwide network of issuers for the best rates on federally insured jumbo CDs. You’ll be shown rates for CDs in terms ranging from one month to five years, and in amounts ranging from $99,000 to $10 million. Placements are made by purchasing multiple CDs in $99,000 or $250,000 increments at separately insured issuers. A detailed tracking system assures that we place no more than $100,000 of your principal in any single financial institution within the SimpliCD program. SimpliCD purchases the CDs in a custodial capacity on your behalf, passing all federal insurance benefits through to you. You remain the legal owner of the CDs. SimpliCD tracks, monitors and collect all of your earnings. You'll receive a single consolidated monthly interest payment for all of your SimpliCD investments. Finally, in addition to your daily transaction statements, SimpliCD provides you with one monthly statement that details your entire SimpliCD portfolio.

Institutional Investor Program

The Institutional Investor Program expands credit union investment offerings without a substantial investment of time or resources. Credit unions can gain market share from institutional members in a way that wasn’t possible before this solution was available.

Most credit union institutional members – unions, public funds, trusts, hospitals, foundations, churches, corporations – may be depositing funds in CDs with area banks, savings and loans, or other brokerage firms in order to maintain their insurance requirements and to diversify their investment portfolio. Through SimpliCD’s Institutional Investor Program, Corporate One can allow your institutional members to invest in SimpliCD through your credit union, offering your institutional members a convenient way to diversify funds, saving them time and energy.


  • Safety – SimpliCD only uses issuers offering FDIC or NCUSIF insurance. Also, as a CUSO, Primary Financial regularly provides the NCUA access to its books and records and is audited annually by an independent accounting firm
  • Convenience – Purchases take only one phone call to Corporate One’s investment department. Once the order is received Corporate One and Primary Financial take care of the rest. From placing funds with CD issuers and providing confirmation statements accompanied with performance reviews, to providing consolidated interest payments, your institutional members will save tons of time.
  • Flexibility - Terms from 30 days to 5 years are available and your member can set the issuer criteria, such as Veribanc ratings and geographic locations
  • Performance – Rates come from a competitive pool of nationwide issuers and are quoted “net to you” with no extra fees or charges

How Does It Work?

Your credit union receives SimpliCD rates for institutional investors each morning via e-mail. If a purchase is desired, your member may contact the designated representative(s) at your credit union or Corporate One. Once the purchase is made, a confirmation and performance review(s) of the CD issuers will be sent to your member and your credit union will be sent a transaction summary showing all of your member's activity. Also, at the end of the month, you'll receive a statement summarizing your member’s holdings, transactions and interest income.

Cash Management Tools

With the One Account, our easy, competitive, integrated cash management solution, you’ll have access to a full suite of cash management tools, such as Member$MART, our web-based account management system, making Corporate One the only place you'll need or want for effective cash management.

New! Our Investment & Funding Dashboard allows you to view a consolidated summary of your credit union’s balances, including deposits, safekeeping holdings, and loan balances—all in a convenient dashboard format. The Dashboard can be found in the Members Only Applications menu. Contact your senior investment services representative for more information.