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Corporate One. Where credit unions belong.

Credit unions interested in converting their products and services to Corporate One will find that we have a streamlined process for on-boarding new members. Our team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring that conversions to any of Corporate One’s solutions are personalized, member-focused and simple.

Corporate One's marketing representatives and expert staff will work with interested credit unions as they become members, making sure they are welcomed warmly and provided solutions proven to fuel success. Once we have a product agreement from a member, we conduct an on-boarding meeting where we review specifics, such as daily volume amounts, contract expiration dates and number of branches, to ensure there are no surprises during implementation. We provide thorough training to members during implementation and on an ongoing basis. And, we cross train all of our Member Service Representatives on each solution so they can readily address member questions and concerns.

Corporate One has established relationships with nearly all processors and home banking providers, and can work with multiple transmission types. We have effectively converted numerous credit unions using a variety of platforms and vendors, typically handling correspondence with vendors, including processors and check printers. As a result, we have a conversion process that is easy on our members while also limiting the impact to their members. Most importantly, we are committed to maintaining trusted, personal relationships with each of our members through open, transparent and ongoing communication.

You’ll soon realize Corporate One is where your credit union belongs.

What you need to convert to Corporate One:

  • A completed Partner or Associate Membership application
  • Master Services Agreement
    • Settlement and/or EFT
  • Statement of Controls
  • Product and service agreements, as needed, which may also include:
    • Line of credit/Compensating balance
    • Fed forms

Meet our Team

Corporate One employs 110 employees dedicated to serving our members, developing meaningful solutions for the credit union industry and processing transactions. More than 75 percent of our staff have been with Corporate One for more than eight years, with 36 employees having a tenure of more than 10 years. Our team provides consistent and knowledgeable support to our members, and is highly respected by those throughout the industry. Best of all, we know credit unions—Corporate One staff have worked at more than 20 natural person credit unions. And, our CEO is a former natural person credit union CEO himself.

We’d like you to meet the key team members responsible for assisting members during the conversion process:

Kathy Miesse, AAP
Member Implementation Team Leader

Kathy has been with Corporate One for more than 14 years, receiving her ACH Accredited Professional (AAP) designation in 1998. Kathy’s team is responsible for completing all new implementations, mergers and data processor conversions for all of Corporate One’s products. This includes: ACE, ACH, Vault Services, ATM, Credit Card and Share Drafts.

Donna Williams
Manager of Member Services and Member Solutions

Donna has been with Corporate One for more than 20 years. Her primary responsibility is managing Member Services and Member Solutions. The Member Services department handles all non- Investment member inquiries 30 days after products have been successfully implemented. The Member Solutions department handles any research, escalated issues and all fraud-related questions.