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"I am excited to tell you that my Board agreed to move our MCS to PCC. One of the primary selling points was that we had not lost a dime at Corporate One. Thanks for the outstanding job that you and your staff do in taking care of the needs of credit unions such as Kentucky Employees Credit Union."

John Graham, CEO, Kentucky Employees Credit Union, Frankfort, KY

"My board has been very positive and supportive of Corporate One's capital re-commitment initiative. In the past, while other players were chasing higher yields and ignoring basic investment fundamentals and disciplines, Corporate One remained true to their mission and stayed away from risky investments. This says a lot to me about Corporate One, and it tells me it's the kind of organization that Firelands FCU wants to do business with in the future."

Stephen M Wasserman, President/CEO, Firelands Federal Credit Union, Bellevue, OH