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2010 News Archives

8/31/10--Deposits at Corporate One guaranteed through Dec. 31, 2012 under NCUA’s share guarantee program.

9/22/10--VSoft Corporation, a global information and technology provider of process improvement solutions for financial institutions, announced today that Columbus, Ohio–based Corporate One Federal Credit Union joined in an alliance to offer its services settling items captured through VSoft’s branch capture and image exchange solutions.
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6/3/10--Corporate One’s diversified business model and financial transparency was recently spotlighted by Chip Filson, President of Callahan & Associates, Inc., as an example of how the corporate model can and does benefit credit unions.

6/3/10--Corporate One Federal Credit Union today announced it is partnering with Sallie Mae to offer the Smart Option Student Loan® program to its nearly 800 member credit unions.

4/15/10--Melissa Ashley, Corporate One's CFO, provides commentary on our financials and the recent student loan portfolio analyses by our Risk Management team. A listing of our student loan holdings is included.

4/14/10--Corporate One's 2009 Annual Report is now available.