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2011 News Archives

12/22/2011--On Thursday, December 22, the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) announced that they have chosen to unwind the payments operations area (APEX-ACH and national settlement) of U.S. Central Federal Credit Union, the wholesale credit union utilized by the corporate credit union network. While disappointing that a solution to continue the payments services could not be reached, it is not altogether unexpected. Corporate One, along with several other corporates has been an active participant in the discussions related to the U.S. Central payments services, and we are prepared to move forward now that the NCUA has made their decision to wind down these services.

12/23/2011--Corporate One’s November 2011 unaudited monthly financials are now available. View the November Unaudited Financials.

11/21/2011--Southeast Corporate Federal Credit Union announced today that member response from their series of Town Hall meetings has been very positive. During the eight Town Halls that ended last week in Jacksonville, Florida and held throughout Mississippi, Florida and Alabama, Brad Miller, Southeast Corporate’s president and CEO and Lee Butke, president and CEO of Corporate One presented the vision for the newly combined entity as one that establishes the strongest corporate in the nation and more importantly, a corporate that can effectively and efficiently serve members now, and well into the future.

9/16/2011 -- Southeast Corporate Federal Credit Union announced today it has signed a letter of intent to merge with Corporate One Federal Credit Union, based in Columbus, Ohio. Southeast Corporate and Corporate One both have national fields of membership, with primary footprints in the Southeast and Great Lakes regions, respectively.

11/21/2011--Corporate One's October 2011 unaudited monthly financials are now available. View the October Unaudited Financials.

10/31/2011--Corporate One's September 2011 unaudited monthly financials are now available. View the September Unaudited Financials.

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7/15/11--The new Community Investment Fund (CIF) option, which benefits the Ohio and national credit union foundations, launched two weeks ago and has already garnered a great deal of interest from Ohio’s credit unions. Credit unions can now invest in products such as callable and bullet U.S. government agency securities, as well as negotiable certificates of deposit, through Corporate One FCU.

10/1/2011--Corporate One's August 2011 unaudited monthly financials are now available. View the August Unaudited Financials.

6/20/2011 9:00 AM - 9/30/2011 5:00 PM
Credit unions have choices when it comes to selecting their next corporate financial services provider. And, with the changing landscape of the corporate industry, Corporate One Federal Credit Union understands credit unions are navigating a lot of change while making such a large decision.

9/1/2011--Corporate One's July 2011 unaudited monthly financials are now available. View the July Unaudited Financials.

6/20/11--Bluepoint Solutions, provider of Check 21, remote deposit capture, item processing and enterprise content management solutions, and Corporate One Federal Credit Union, today announced a partnership designed to assist natural person credit unions currently using Bluepoint’s remote deposit capture solution through their current corporate credit union to establish a relationship with Corporate One FCU for check processing and clearing services without any disruption to operations or product support.  Bluepoint developed the software that powers the branch capture solution for corporate credit unions to deploy to their members.

7/28/11--Corporate One's June 2011 unaudited monthly financials are now available. Please click  here to download a copy.

7/29/2011—Corporate One Federal Credit Union announced its Board of Directors voted today in their monthly board meeting to participate in the NCUA’s Voluntary Prepayment Assessment Program. The Voluntary Prepayment Assessment Program was designed by the NCUA in response to credit union requests whereby some credit unions were looking for ways to better manage the required corporate stabilization assessments in 2011 and 2012. The NCUA is seeking a minimum of $500 million in prepayment pledges from credit unions before instituting the program.

6/30/11--Corporate One's May 2011 unaudited monthly financials are now available. Please click  here to download a copy.

5/09/11--Corporate One Federal Credit Union today announced the results of its member capital re-commitment offering, which closed at the end of April. The corporate now holds more than a quarter of a billion dollars in total regulatory capital, including reserves and undivided earnings (RUDE) of $37.2 million. The response was overwhelming as the capital offering was even over-subscribed.  With such numbers, Corporate One exceeds all capital ratios at the “well capitalized” level as outlined in the recently updated regulations governing corporate credit unions, as well as meets all NEV ratios in both base- and stressed-case scenarios.

4/21/11--Three members were elected to the Corporate One Federal Credit Union board of directors and announced at its annual meeting. Gerald D. Guy, President/CEO, KEMBA Financial CU, Columbus, OH; Jeff Meyer, President/CEO, Three Rivers FCU, Fort Wayne, IN; and Janice Thomas, President, PSE CU, Parma, OH, were each elected to three-year terms.

5/27/11--Corporate One's April 2011 unaudited monthly financials are now available. Please click  here to download a copy.

4/8/11--Corporate One is pleased to announce the release of its 2010 audited financials and annual report. 

3/2/11--Corporate One is pleased to announce a new off-balance sheet investment solution to help credit unions maximize their yield and diversify their portfolios. Corporate One, acting as an Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction (OSJ) of Multi-Bank Securities, Inc., is proud to make Federated Investor mutual funds available to credit unions.

2/9/11--In light of the National Credit Union Administration’s (NCUA’s) new capital structure for corporate credit unions, as recently outlined in the updated Rules and Regulations, Part 704, the Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of Financial Institutions, has released updated guidelines on permissible investments in a corporate credit union. Click here to read the guidelines.

4/8/11--Ensuring access to liquidity is a basic tenet of a credit union’s risk management preparedness. Corporate One is prepared to assist its credit union members and their members should the nation experience another federal government shutdown.

2/10/11--Corporate One President/CEO Lee Butke has been invited by former NCUA Chairman Dennis Dollar and his company Dollar Associates, LLC to present in an online webinar entitled Ten Questions Every Credit Union Should Ask Its Next Corporate: The Keys to Getting Answers for a Fundamental 2011 Decision on Feb. 23, 2011 at 3 p.m. EST.