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Corporate One Announces Making Mutual Funds Available to Credit Unions

 Corporate now offering Federated Investor mutual funds

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Corporate One is pleased to announce a new off-balance sheet investment solution to help credit unions maximize their yield and diversify their portfolios. Corporate One, acting as an Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction (OSJ) of Multi-Bank Securities, Inc., is proud to make Federated Investor mutual funds available to credit unions. Currently, there are two funds available through Federated Investor Funds, one of the nation’s largest investment managers with more than $350 billion dollars in assets under management. Additionally, all funds offered are permissible investments for credit unions and in compliance with NCUA Rules and Regulation Part 703.

The funds being offered are the Federated Adjustable Rate Securities Fund (FEUGX) and the Federated Government Ultrashort Duration Fund (FGUSX).

“We are very excited about the ability to make these funds available to credit unions,” said Lee Butke, Corporate One’s president/CEO. “These funds offer several advantages to credit unions, including the ability to invest in funds that are typically shorter in duration, yet offer attractive yields. These funds also have historically had little Net Asset Valuation (NAV) price fluctuation, making them attractive investments. Finally, for credit unions with limited investment expertise, it allows them to invest in government agencies without having to purchase individual bonds.”

“Helping to make these funds available is another way we are striving to provide value to credit unions,” said Bob Post, Multi-Bank Securities representative and Chief Investment Officer for Corporate One. “Federated is primarily a wholesaler of mutual funds but now is offering these funds through Corporate One, an OSJ of Multi-Bank Securities, Inc. And because these are off-balance sheet products, membership in Corporate One is not a requirement, so they are available to all credit unions throughout the U.S.,” he added.

About Corporate One

Corporate One Federal Credit Union is a leading wholesale financial services provider to more than 775 of America’s credit unions. With more than $4.4 billion in assets under management, Corporate One offers correspondent services including ATM/debit and credit cards, share draft imaging, depository and electronic payment services and investments to credit unions across the United States. Corporate One also developed and manages Alliance One, one of the nation’s largest non-network-specific ATM selective-surcharging groups. For more information, visit



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