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New ACH Webinars Available in Training Certification Program

Nov. 23, 2012 -- Earlier this month, Corporate One added several webinars to the ACH section of our Training Certification Program library. The new webinars include the 2012 ACH Compliance webinar and the ACH Services quick start trainings. While many ACH users have already completed the quick start webinars as part of the training and conversion to Corporate One’s new ACH Services platform, the 2012 ACH Compliance webinar is new and reflects National Automated Clearing House Association’s (NACHA’s) latest rules revisions. 

Each year, the (NACHA) revises its rules and regulations regarding participant financial institutions. To make understanding these changes easier for you, Corporate One has developed a complimentary ACH compliance webinar for our members. The webinar addresses key components involved in the rule revisions, including edits to appendix eight, NOC Corporate Entries, Corporate Account Takeover, WEB and ARC revisions and the impact they have on credit unions and their members. By reviewing this information, credit union participants can ensure they are complying with the new changes and continue to offer excellent member service.

The quick starts were recently included in our TCP to replace the trainings we had on the previous system. Users who completed the training series during conversion will receive their certificates of completion by the end of the year. A big congratulation goes out to all users who’ve already completed the series!

All Training Certification Program webinars, including those on ACH, can be found in:

  • MemberView in the Show Member Forms menu under Trainings Available for Certification/ACH Level 1 and ACH Level 2.
  • Members Only under Resources/Training & Education.

If you don’t have access to MemberView or Members Only, you can also request trainings, as well as see our full product offering, on our Web site,  under the “Events” tab. If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Member Services at 866/MyCorp1.