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Hurricane Isaac Update

Aug. 27, 2012 -- As Hurricane Isaac moves through the Gulf Coast area, we want to assure members that Corporate One has prepared both our Tallahassee and Jacksonville facilities to support members and conduct business. Many of our members are already feeling the effects of the storm, with more preparing to be hit later this week. If your credit union plans on closing due to the storm, please contact Member Services at 800/342-0203, especially if we process your items. We stand ready to assist you, so please let us know how we can help.

For members in Hurricane Isaac’s potential path, please note:

  • Corporate One will work with your credit union any way that it can to minimize the potential effects of Hurricane Isaac.
  • We have activated the Hurricane Preparedness section of our Web site located in the Southeast Platform Portal at This area contains important information that you may want to review as you prepare for this or other storms.
  • We encourage you to plan ahead in the event that you may need to access online applications, such as funds transfers, from a location other than your office. Please keep with you passwords and authentication information that is required to login.
  • Should you lose internet access, Member Services will be available to process wires, make transfers or handle other transactions that you typically handle through Member$MART.
  • Your business continuity hurricane plans should include emergency cash stock levels. Having cash on hand after a storm is important to your credit union members. An increase in cash demand is anticipated in the aftermath of a hurricane and interruption of the cash delivery services. We stand ready to assist you. In order to place emergency cash orders, please call Member Services.
  • Should you need to change your hours of operation or unable to open your credit union, or have an emergency contact phone number, please contact Members Services to let us know.
  • If your credit union cannot transmit your share draft returns to Corporate One, you may submit your returns on the day that you re-open. Please submit each day separately.
  • Other options available upon request may include:
    • Backdating of interest for missed Fed Funds Plus transfers
    • Reversal of settlement loan interest
    • Return files may be picked up or submitted on a delayed schedule

Important communications will continue to be posted in the Southeast Platform Portal/ Members Only Page of our Web site at

Corporate One Contacts:

Member Services: 800/342-0203, option 1

Investments: 800/342-0203, option 2

  • Michael Alexandre cell: 850/294-1654
  • Tanya DeVlieger cell: 850/510-4821

Member Relationship Managers: 800/342-0203:

  • Art Wood:  ext. 6815; cell: 954/551-6053
  • Gisli Magnusson:  ext. 6813; cell: 904/553-5544
  • Jamie Duncan: ext. 6814; cell: 850/499-4866