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Update: Potential Widespread Visa and MasterCard Security Breach

Apr. 7, 2012 -- Dear Member:

As reported to you on March 30, 2012, card issuers on Corporate One’s card programs through PSCU received a Security Alert dated March 23, 2012 regarding a potential card security breach of Visa® and MasterCard®. The source of the data compromise was identified in the Wall Street Journal as Global Payments Inc. At the time of these alerts, it was believed that the exposure window for the compromise was January 21, 2012 through February 25, 2012. However, recent VISA CAMS and MasterCard alerts now indicate the exposure window for the compromise was actually December 12, 2011 through January 15, 2012.

As of today, Corporate One has still not been notified of any card breaches affecting any credit union on our cards programs. However; we continue to urge all card issuing institutions on the Visa platform to review all Compromised Account Management System alerts that come directly from Visa. For those card issuers on the MasterCard platform, Compromised Account Notification reports can be found by logging into MemberView, Corporate One’s account management system, or logging into MemberConnect, PSCU’s secure web site.

PSCU will continue providing Security Alerts to swiftly inform our members of any situation that creates potential risk. These Security Alerts represent a critical and proactive component of PSCU’s Member Owner Payments Revenue Optimization (MōPRO) strategy, which seeks to deliver the highest levels of engagement, energy and agility for credit unions.

For Corporate One members who believe they may have cardholder accounts that have been compromised, please contact our Member Services area during our regular business hours at 866/MyCorp1 (692-6771) or after hours, contact PSCU’s Fraud Detection Center at 888-918-7313 or First Data at 877-866-STAR (7827).

For the most up-to-date information regarding this card breach, please visit the following web sites:

PSCU’s risk management Web site,
Visa Security Web site,
MasterCard’s Web site,