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Cards Corner: Corporate One stands ready to help credit unions make the move to EMV

By: Amy MacMullen, Director of Card Services

Learn more about EMV chip-enabled cards

Join Corporate One and PSCU for upcoming workshops that will explore the EMV migration in the U.S. and the path to future payments innovations. This is your chance to understand EMV payments strategies that will be appropriate for your institution, your members and the merchant community.

Topics covered in this seminar include:

  • Where the market is with Debit and Credit
  • What EMV means and what the differences are between offline and online
  • What you need to get ready for EMV processing

Join us and get the facts to start your planning process now.

Register Here Miami, FL
November 18

Amy MacmullenOctober 14, 2014 -- The technology behind EMV (Europay, MasterCard, VISA), the world’s standard for inter-operation of “smart” cards, promises to deliver several key benefits to credit unions and their members over the next several years.

Most importantly, EMV cards extend credit unions superior card-present fraud prevention and a reduction in fraud losses. EMV cards add convenience for your international traveling members and can attract and serve new membership segments at the credit union. Many credit unions are aware of these benefits, and how EMV can help their credit union accelerate payments innovation and mobile adoption, but have yet to convert their programs to EMV. While some cards providers are still incorporating EMV into their platforms, Corporate One Cards Solutions for credit has already adopted the technology. We are ready to support you as you navigate through the new world of EMV. 

Corporate One offers a card equipped with both an embedded chip and a magnetic stripe. Your members can still enjoy the convenience of using your card at traditional swipe terminals and ATMs, but pick up added security when using the card at EMV enabled merchants.

Our EMV contact chip credit card has offline and/or online functionality to meet the needs of your membership. Multiple Cardholder Verification Methods (CVM) are included to increase acceptance worldwide. Both MasterCard and Visa require credit profile certification before EMV cards can be distributed to credit union members. Corporate One, through its partnership with PSCU, has pre-certified credit EMV profiles, which can reduce cost and consolidate the standard 12-week certification timeframe down to eight weeks.

Expand your members' transactional scope and gain revenues that would otherwise be lost without the card's chip technology. Send your cardholders a clear message, “I care about you and the security of your card.” Contact Amy MacMullen, Corporate One’s Director of Card Services to plan your move to EMV cards today. Amy can be reached at or 614/825-9339


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