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Cards Corner: Amp-up your cards program with CURewards

New! CURewards Mobile App now available

By: Amy MacMullen, Director of Card Services

May 22, 2014

Amy MacmullenCard rewards programs provide an excellent return on investment. Consumers today expect a rewards program as a value-added feature on their payment card accounts. Offering a rewards program that actually exceeds expectations is one more way your credit union can attract prospects and build stronger long-term relationships with members. Providing rewards helps credit unions retain their membership and is far less expensive than acquiring new members. Let Corporate One help you get started.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from participating in Corporate One’s CURewards program:

Remember, members with a rewards card spend 60% more and conduct 30% more transactions than non-rewards cardholders. Your credit union can’t afford to be left out.
  • Revenue growth: Credit unions experience higher transaction and utilization rates.
  • Cross-selling opportunities: You can reward members for adopting new products and services.
  • Increased member loyalty:  Rewards deepens the member relationship by rewarding the use of more products and services than ever.
  • Flexibility for credit unions: Your credit union can choose to build a program that ranges from rewarding specific transactions to rewarding the entire member relationship.
  • Credit union customization: Each credit union sets their own rewards rate, redemption criteria and merchandise/travel options.

New CURewards Mobile App now available
Corporate One is pleased to announce that we are now able to offer the CURewards mobile app through our partnership with PSCU. The app provides credit unions another channel for their members to connect to and manage their credit union accounts at any time and any place. The app will allow members to view their CURewards Mall offers based on their current location, redeem their points for merchandise and view their total redeemable point balance. Credit unions can be proud to provide another choice for their members to access their CURewards. The app is free to download in iTunes and Google Play. The app truly adds value and convenience to your cardholders and helps you to reach your goal of ‘top of wallet’ usage.

To learn more about Corporate One’s cards program or to enroll in our CURewards program, contact me at


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