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From the CEO: Enhanced liquidity options

December 5, 2014

Dear members:

This is the time of year when we reflect on all our blessings and celebrate all that we’ve been given. At Corporate One, thanks to the tremendous support of our members, we have much to celebrate, and many reasons to be grateful. I’m especially grateful for the cooperative spirit of the credit union industry that we celebrate every day.  In this spirit, I would like to remind you that our cooperative system was designed to assure adequate liquidity – both for short-term needs, such as settlement, and for term borrowing. Providing easy, cost-effective funding was a major reason credit unions founded corporates more than three decades ago, and Corporate One stands ready to meet your liquidity needs. Whether you need overnight funding to cover the day’s clearings or term funding to support loan growth, Corporate One’s liquidity offerings can be tailored to your requirements. 

During 2014, our staff has done an excellent job of evaluating the market and repositioning our term loan products to better serve your needs. We have developed amortizing term loans with various average lives and payment windows. These new-term loan structures were developed to match fund a loan portfolio or a specific pool of loans.  In addition, floating rate loans based on the Fed Funds Target, the Prime rate or one-month LIBOR have been added to our rate sheet. 

We know all too well that deposits may not always support the growth targets that were developed months ago. So, when asset and liability growth do not coincide, rest assured that Corporate One can assist when bridging those short- and long-term funding gaps. Ultimately, we strive to satisfy your unique needs by providing flexible funding solutions that allow you the confidence to pursue your desired loan and asset growth strategies.  

Corporate One remains committed to being your preferred liquidity provider and finding solutions that best serve your individual needs. If we can help you evaluate your sources of liquidity or you have questions about liquidity offerings through Corporate One, please contact Perry Jones, Vice President, Portfolio Manager at 800/342-0203, ext. 4030, or your Investment Services Representative at 800/366-2677.

2014 has been an exciting year at Corporate One. As we head into December, let me take this opportunity on behalf of the board of directors, management and staff of Corporate One to thank our members for their continued support and wish everyone a joyous and prosperous holiday season.


Lee C. Butke