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From the CEO: Corporate One honored with 2014 Marquis Award

Recognized for leadership in the advancement of ACH among credit unions

June 2, 2014

Dear members:

It brings me great pride to report Corporate One was honored by EPCOR, one of the nation’s leading payments associations, with the 2014 Marquis Award. This award is presented annually to an individual or organization that has demonstrated leadership in the implementation, advancement or awareness of ACH payments; or has exhibited long-standing support to the EPCOR mission. For Corporate One, the Marquis Award is especially meaningful because we have made a dedicated investment in ACH over the last several years to ensure our members have a robust and comprehensive ACH offering that provides them with, among other things, access to experts and resources that will help them to confidently grow their programs and serve their own members. And, we are greatly appreciative of EPCOR for their recognition of our efforts.

Corporate One's Kathy Himes, AAP, and Marcus Wannemacher receiving the 2014 Marquis Award from EPCOR CEO Ann-Marie Bartels

A key hallmark of Corporate One’s ACH Services is the training and education we’ve built standard into our offering, including superior support provided by the Accredited ACH Professionals (AAPs) we have on staff as well as the free access provided to important resources at EPCOR. In fact, through our strategic partnership with EPCOR, Corporate One annually sponsors EPCOR membership for more than 180 credit unions with assets of $20 million or under, free annual training opportunities for 200 credit unions with more than $20 million in assets and a complimentary copy of both the yearly ACH Operating Rules and Guidelines and the EPCOR ACH Audit Workbook for all ACH users. Within the last year, we also began offering free ACH Origination training for those credit unions considering becoming an Originating Depository Financial Institution (ODFI), and we recently added free Origination toolkits to our offering for credit unions new to ACH Origination and/or ACH Business Origination to further assist credit unions as they grow their programs.

With the continuing rise of ACH, an integrated ACH offering has quickly become a vital component of a credit union’s payment line-up. It not only helps credit unions effectively compete in today’s marketplace, it provides a highly sought after payment option for consumers and businesses alike that can fuel revenue by keeping current members satisfied while also attracting new ones. Our primary mission at Corporate One is to provide solutions and training opportunities that will help our credit unions succeed in serving their own membership. And, this recognition is a testament to our team’s commitment to the advancement of ACH and to our staff’s dedication to serve our members by providing valuable information and education.

Lee C. Butke