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Cards Corner: Take advantage of the power of marketing with fall debit card growth campaign

Enrollment opened August 1

By: Amy MacMullen, Director of Card Services

Amy MacmullenAugust 12, 2014 -- Corporate One, along with its Cards Solutions partner PSCU, is pleased to announce enrollment for the 2014 Fall Usage Campaign opened on August 1, 2014. If you’re a user of Corporate One’s debit cards solution hopefully you have taken advantage of one of our debit card growth campaigns. If you haven’t, you are missing out on a tremendous marketing opportunity. Such programs help credit unions stay top of wallet, by reminding cardholders of the value they receive when using their (your credit union’s) debit card. In fact, data from campaigns in previous years show an average post campaign lift of 18-22% above the starting baseline for monthly transactions.

The 2014 Fall Usage Campaign targets debit cardholders, making one to five transactions monthly, with a goal to increase their monthly transactions to 10 or more. These targeted members will receive a postcard, provided by PSCU, incenting them to use their debit card on their next purchases instead of paying by cash or check. By meeting the monthly target of 10 transactions, your members will earn $10 in cash.

The fee structure for the 2014 Fall Campaign is as follows:

  • Advisors Plus project management fee: $15 per cardholder that meets the incentive. The incentive is paid by the credit union.*
  • Incentive cost: $10 per cardholder. The incentive is paid by the credit union.**
  • Creative/postcard costs: Funded 100% by PSCU***
  • Postage costs: Funded 100% by PSCU

The program will run from November 1, 2014, through November 30, 2014, and the enrollment period begins August 1 and ends August 15. Opt-in beginning August 1 via PSCU’s Member Connect to start increasing your debit cardholders’ usage numbers. After logging in to Member Connect, follow this shortcut to access the Campaign. As an added bonus, following the campaign, PSCU will provide statistics for your credit union as to the outcome of the campaign.

Keep-in-mind, on average, debit is the number two source of non-interest income for most credit unions, so it is profitable for you to promote debit usage among your membership. Educate your members on using their debit card, increase their usage, boost your revenue and ultimately increase member loyalty. If your current debit card provider does not offer targeted marketing campaigns to grow your business and ultimately increase your bottom line, then call me to learn more about Corporate One's Cards Solutions, which include several opportunities for credit unions to make the most of their cards portfolios.  I can be reached at 614-825-9339 or email me at

* Your credit union or financial institution will be billed a $15 Advisors Plus project management fee for every cardholder that meets the 10 transaction limit and earns the $10 incentive during the promotional period.

** Your credit union or financial institution will be responsible for any cardholder who qualifies for the $10 incentive credit by making 10 transactions during the promotional period.

*** No customization allowed.


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