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BSA/AML training so convenient you can take it in your pajamas

By: Patty Matthews, Corporate Trainer

November 17, 2015 -- As the corporate trainer for our members, I have analyzed Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), anti-money laundering (AML), and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) compliance trainings across the industry. I’ve looked at content, prices and presenters – basically every facet of this compliance-training realm. Based on my research, I must say that the value of our annual BSA training jumped to a whole new level this year.

Learning in your pajamas

This year, in addition to the “live” training sessions on August 26 and 27, we contracted with ProBank to offer credit-union-focused BSA/AML training on-demand. Or as I like to call it, “learning in your pajamas.” These on-demand trainings let you take them at your convenience from any location using any device – at your credit union, at home, sitting at a Starbucks – just pick the method and your electronic device of choice.

Train and remain BSA/OFAC compliant

Missed our live BSA training this year? No problem. Just take the on-demand version now through December 31, 2015.

Visit our events page for more details

Solving issues with anytime, anywhere trainings

Below are two examples showing how the on-demand trainings solved problems for members this year:

Situation 1: Sickness doesn’t stand in your way.

A credit union employee called me and said “Patty, I just got sick and there is no way I can sit through August 26 and 27. What should I do?” My solution: I transferred her registration to the on-demand training session. She was able to take the training on her own time (and away from the office if she was still sick, which her coworkers would appreciate).

Situation 2: Multiple locations and different schedules are no big deal.

On another day, I fielded this issue from a credit union: “Patty, I am the training manager at our credit union and we are spread out. Some of our people in the office are not in the same area or on the same learning schedule.” My solution: I suggested she purchase the group on-demand training for up to five people, which allowed these employees to get their BSA/AML training done on their time, at their pace, wherever they were located. And even with the on-demand version of the training, all participants receive certificates from Corporate One upon completion. 

Have you done your BSA/AML training yet?

Now for a little plug about the content itself. Learning about BSA/AML is never easy, but when you get more than five hours of convenient, hardcore education and a certificate of participation, it’s worth every minute. And the content is easy to access. You just download the training PDF and follow along with the audio file.

So basically, with this year’s new on-demand offering, you have no more excuses to put off your BSA/AML compliance training. Don’t get caught up in how long or in-depth the training can be. Don’t wait for the auditors to call your credit union and ask exactly what kind of BSA/AML training you have taken. Get yourself in front of credit-union-focused training you can take in your pajamas.