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Back to basics: How to make cash management easy again

Changes to our funding model first in a series of improvements

July 7, 2015 -- Corporate One is turning cash management on its ear. We’re creating a more integrated process that is easier, convenient, and profitable with even more competitive investment options, along with competitive rates. In short, we want to make Corporate One the only place you'll need or want for effective cash management. With short-term rates potentially on the rise, we want to be out in front, helping you succeed in this new environment. And we’re making changes to our solutions and systems to turn this into a reality.

When you've been in the credit union business as long as I have—30 plus years and counting—you realize that everything has its season. One day you’re all about making loans, loans, and more loans. Then the market turns, and you spend your days trying to eke out needed income from your investment portfolio, looking to make every basis point you can and doing anything allowable for a little extra yield.

It's a constant struggle, but managing the balance sheet is one of your most critical jobs. The management of your cash and your cash position is simply a part of that job, and we want to help you optimize your cash by giving you all the tools you will need in a “One” stop relationship.

A “One” stop place to achieve the highest daily rates; a place to clear all your daily settlement transactions all day long without fear of a daylight overdraft penalty; and a place that allows you an easy and competitive way to manage your liquid cash at the end of the day. No early morning settlement and no need to monitor a FRB account all day long.

We want you to have the ultimate in cash management with our “One” stop relationship to allow you more time to worry about your big balance sheet opportunities, such as lending and term investing. Whether you're a one-wo/man shop, or you have numerous staff to manage each of these functions, we want you to have the best-in-class cash management so you can spend your time managing your most critical assets. And that's why Corporate One is turning cash management on its ear.

Running a credit union is becoming even more challenging, which means we need to change to help you meet these new challenges. We’ve been doing a lot of listening lately, and what we’ve heard from our members, loudly and clearly, is that you need a partner that makes your life easier. That’s what we do and what we’ve been doing for years.

Corporate One exists to make your life easier; we are more reliable and flexible than other entities, such as the Fed, banks or other brokers. You’ll always be better off with Corporate One because our solutions were designed just for you. We are a credit union just like you, not a vendor.

So, we’ve taken your feedback and are starting to enhance our cash management and liquidity solutions and tools. You’ll be hearing more about new features and services in the coming weeks and months, but I can let you in on a new solution we’ve just rolled out to provide you with better funding options.

As you know, we provide our members with lines of credit, which stipulate a maximum amount you can borrow from us. We’ve now updated that model, and, when available, we’re able to provide even more funding for members who need it based on collateral not tied to your line of credit. Essentially, we’re giving you a second tier funding option in addition to your line of credit. This can give you even more capacity and allow you to be more strategic in how you manage your liquidity.

We’re also rolling out some very competitive loan specials to help you fund your balance sheet. Those will be arriving in your inbox in the coming weeks, or you can always find them on our website at You can also reach out to Perry Jones, our VP Portfolio Manager. Perry can be reached at or 800/342-0203, ext. 4030.

Our team has even more ideas and solutions to help you better manage your cash management and liquidity needs, which I’ll be announcing in the coming months. Be on the lookout for these announcements, and let us know what you think. And if you have an idea for how we can improve our cash management solutions or delivery systems, let me know. I want to hear from you. Or feel free to contact your Corporate One investment representative or member relationship executive for more information.

Lee C. Butke

Lee Butke can reached at 614/825-9300 or