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From the CEO: Strengthening your corporate

October 15, 2015

Dear Members:

You spoke. We listened…and we have been hard at work strengthening your corporate in the ways that are most meaningful to you. Through our inaugural CEO Membership Survey sent out in late 2014 and early 2015, we began a new initiative to formally gather member feedback, with the goal of learning how Corporate One can provide the most value to our members. We received feedback from nearly 20 percent of our member CEOs, and I’m excited by what you told us.

What we learned

Corporate One provides the most value to our members when we:

  • Make it easy for you to do business with us
  • Provide superior products and support
  • Demonstrate we are listening to and engaging with you
  • Deliver on what we promise

What we’ve done

We heard you loud and clear and we’ve taken your feedback seriously, taking several steps in the six months since the results were finalized to enhance your corporate that include the following:

  • Enhancing our cash management services with the launch of The One Account that features EZSweep, an automated overnight cash management option.
  • Re-structuring and re-pricing our funding solutions so they are more efficient and offer more competitive rates.
  • Taking a leading role in bringing faster payments solutions to credit unions by certifying our ACH Services offering for Same Day ACH and by serving on the Federal Reserve System’s Faster Payments Task Force.
  • Providing additional customer service training opportunities for our Member Experience team.
  • Strengthening our trainings and events with nearly 30 live training opportunities offered, and an additional 30+ in-person corporate event engagements by the end of the year.
  • Boosting representation in your communities with more than 400 personal credit union and/or credit union chapter visits.
  • Prioritizing projects for the future that:
    • Identify, help educate and bring to market the greatest solutions opportunities for credit unions in the mobile and digital marketplace.
    • Evaluate electronic solutions that streamline the completion of contracts and operational forms, and enable you greater self-service over general account information via Members Only, Corporate One’s member portal.

It’s time to learn more

I’m proud of the progress we’ve made. However, I’m aware there are other steps we can take to boost the value your credit union finds in Corporate One—but it is hard for us to know what you want unless you tell us. That is why I encourage you to participate in the upcoming Membership Survey, which will be going out by the end of October and run through the end of the year. This year’s survey will feature:

  • A forward option so the correct individual at each credit union, the one who maintains the relationship with us, can complete the survey. Again, we are taking your feedback seriously and understand that some CEOs feel they are not the best person at their credit union to complete the survey so we are happy to add this option to the 2015 survey.
  • The opportunity for you to provide specifics, so please be specific. We won’t be making the survey more cumbersome for you to complete, but we are revising it so you can provide insight into why you may or may not find value in certain aspects of our partnership. Read: We don’t want to guess what you want; we want to be in a position to deliver what you want.

When we know what we are doing well, we can continue our good work (and maybe even replicate it elsewhere throughout our organization). And when we know what we aren’t doing well, we have the opportunity to improve. It’s as simple as that. So, when you see the Membership Survey drop into your inbox later this fall, please open it up and let us know what you’re thinking. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Lee C. Butke