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Getting ready for impending ACH rules changes

By: Steve Jones, VP, Member Experience, AAP

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Same Day ACH: Training, Testing and Going Live

Date: September 16, 2015
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September 10, 2015 -- Getting up to speed on the ever-changing payments landscape is more important than ever. And, for ACH, the next year is bringing a lot of change.

First, we have the new Network Risk and Enforcement Rules this September. Then in 2016, we will have Same Day ACH and unauthorized return fees going into effect. It’s time to ask yourself if you are prepared for these impending changes. We want you to know as your corporate partner we are here to help you navigate these changes.

EPCOR’s Network Risk and Enforcement Rules series

EPCOR has written a series of articles about NACHA’s ACH Risk & Enforcement Rules changes, taking effect on September 18, 2015. The impending rules changes are aimed at improving the overall quality of the ACH Network by reducing the incidence of returned entries, and thus, reducing risk. This will be done by expanding existing rules related to the unauthorized return threshold and establishing return levels for administrative returns and overall debit returns.

Corporate One’s Same Day ACH webinar series

Our on-demand trainings in our Same Day ACH multi-part webinar series are designed to help your credit union navigate the transition from the current ACH environment to Same Day processing. Get the tools you need to get Same Day ACH up and running as painlessly as possible, learn how Same Day ACH will work between your credit union, the Federal Reserve and Corporate One, and obtain training certification from Corporate One by taking all three webinars. Each webinar is presented by Corporate One’s Manager of ACH Services, Kathy Himes, AAP.

  • Same Day ACH Part 1: The Basics
  • Same Day ACH Part 2: Implementation Best Practices
    To access these two webinars, log in to Members Only: Resources\Member Resource Center\ACH Services\Training
  • Same Day ACH Part 3: Training, Testing, and Going Live (Register now for this live webinar on 9/16)
  • Same Day ACH Part 4 (Coming soon! Stay tuned for more details.)

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for an email we will be sending to all ACH users that includes a link to the 2015 ACH Rules Update webinar. This update includes an overview of the major ACH Rules changes and the impact on financial institutions regarding the following:

  • Unintended Credit to a Receiver
  • WEB Credit Entry
  • Strengthening the ACH Network
  • Same Day ACH

If you are an ACH user of ACH Services and do not receive this email, please contact Member Services at 866/MyCorp1.