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Cards Corner: Joining our new Clique makes everything just "click" for credit unions

Corporate One launches new brand for current cards programs, offers EMV promotion

CliqueJuly 13, 2015 -- Last month we launched Clique, a new brand for our cards programs to help credit unions better understand the value it brings them. Clique now serves as the marketing umbrella for our cards solutions. The fresh look and feel and the new website (, which has already had hundreds of visitors, have generated a lot of interest.

Developing a brand for Corporate One’s cards solutions has been a dream a long time in the making. Back in 2009, Corporate One forged a partnership with the leading credit union service organization for payments, PSCU, to create a debit and credit solution for small to mid-sized credit unions. Leveraging aggregated volumes, Corporate One took advantage of economies of scale to offer smaller and more mid-sized credit unions a world-class cards solution.

This three-part webinar series will help you get prepared for the upcoming transition to EMV.

EMV: Overview, benefits and impact
Learn the impact of the upcoming fraud liability shift, how payments are secured electronically, and how chip technology improves fraud protection for your cardholders. Gain a better understanding of the impact to merchants, issuers, and consumers alike, and find out what resources are available as you plan your EMV transition.

EMV: Educating a new payment process
What does the transition to EMV specifically mean for you, your credit union, and your cardholders? This webinar examines the differences between offline and online transactions and discusses how to get ready for ATM EMV processing.

EMV: Get prepared for the liability shift
The average timeline for getting an EMV plan running is 150 days. The sooner you plan and execute your EMV strategy, the sooner you can set in motion your ability to reduce fraud loss and liability. This webinar examines how you can get prepared for the impending EMV liability shift.

To access these webinars, visit the Card Solutions page of the Member Resource Center in Members Only, or contact Corporate Trainer Patty Matthews at 614-825-9375 or

Here’s why we chose the name “Clique.” First, being part of the credit union movement means we’re already a part of something exceptional, so we wanted to further emphasize this feeling of “belonging” for our members and their cardholders. After all, our debit and credit solutions were created specifically for them.

Second, we designed our programs to be comprehensive and all encompassing; we want everything to just “click” for our credit unions users. Clique is turnkey, fully supported, and tailored specifically for small to mid-sized credit unions.

One of the best benefits of Clique is that its fully supported program doesn’t end with implementation. We assist credit unions every step of the way and offer ongoing business tools and personal member support to give credit unions everything they need to grow their cards operations and achieve member goals.

Offering EMV promotion and educational resources

Coinciding with the launch of Clique is our EMV promotion. Corporate One is getting our members ready for the shift to EMV credit and debit cards by absorbing the cost to reissue new card plastics with the embedded EMV chip. We know how important it is for credit unions to remain competitive, and that’s why we wanted to ensure we were doing whatever we could to get members “in the EMV game” by offering free EMV cards to new users of our debit or credit platforms.

In addition to our EMV promotion, we have created a number of educational resources so you can get prepared for the changes that are coming later this year. See the box on the right for more details.

If you’d like to know more about Clique’s free EMV card promotion, you can complete a quick form on the website as the first step. Or contact our SVP, Chief Product Management Officer Keith Riddle or our VP, Business Unit Executive Toby Thomas at 866/MyCorp1. They’ll be happy to help answer any questions you may have about how Clique will benefit your credit union and your members.


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