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2016 News Archives

12/30/2016 -- Corporate One’s November 2016 unaudited monthly financials are now available. View the November Unaudited Financials.

12/27/2016 -- On October 25, 2016, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) issued Advisory 2016-A005, directing all financial institutions to more frequently and thoroughly investigate, report, and exchange data on cyberattacks against them.

12/20/2016 -- Earlier this year, we featured an article by EPCOR's Jennifer Kline, AAP, on this very topic, emphasizing the importance of conducting ACH audits and risk assessments. As we are now well into the fourth quarter, we hope this brief reminder will assist you as you make your end-of-year plans.

12/13/2016 -- This year we have expanded the options credit unions have available to contribute to the Foundation, making it even easier to participate.

12/9/2016 -- It's my pleasure to announce Corporate One is partnering with LendingTools to power our ACH Services offering.

11/29/2016 -- Corporate One’s October 2016 unaudited monthly financials are now available. View the October Unaudited Financials.

11/28/2016 -- Last month, I had the pleasure of attending the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) 15th Annual AML & Financial Crimes Conference in Las Vegas with over 2,500 other attendees.

11/21/2016 -- Corporate One’s Third Quarter 2016 unaudited financials and September 5310 report are now available. View the Third Quarter Unaudited Financials and September 5310 report.

11/17/2016 -- A featured speaker at our recent Member Connect Summits in Cleveland and Cincinnati, Laura Eblen is Mazuma Credit Union's self-proclaimed director of awesomeness.

11/10/2016 -- As fall is prime student-loan season for many college students and their parents, Corporate One and Sallie Mae are teaming up to provide two “live” webinar sessions to help credit unions learn more about the Smart Option Student Loan® program.

11/1/2016 -- Many credit unions use some sort of transaction-monitoring software or a manual transaction-monitoring process or procedure to review transactions for filing the required Currency Transaction Reports (CTRs) and/or Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs).

10/26/2016 -- Comedy and economics may seem like polar opposites, but Elliot Eisenberg, a nationally acclaimed economist and public speaker, weaves the two together seamlessly in his presentations.

10/21/2016 -- In addition to a plethora of leaves to rake and football games to watch, the arrival of fall often brings increased demands for liquidity.

A big thanks to all of our members who joined us in Cleveland and Cincinnati for the 2016 Member Connect Summits! We took our members out to the ballgame this year, and each event was a "home run" of informative and strategic content.

10/7/2016 -- Corporate One’s August 2016 unaudited monthly financials are now available. View the August Unaudited Financials.

9/28/2016 -- Join your peers for education, collaboration and networking at the Mid-Sized CEO Credit Union Roundtable at the Marcum Conference Center & Inn in Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. The Roundtable is open to all CEOs from credit unions with assets between $20M and $150M in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio.
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9/26/2016 -- We formally began gathering member feedback two years ago, and although I'm very pleased and encouraged by your comments in the 2015 Membership Survey, I want you to know that we take seriously the need to improve based upon your input.

9/19/2016 -- Over the last few years, Corporate One has been working to expand liquidity options for our members.

9/12/2016 -- Corporate One has been busy communicating to our member credit unions about the upcoming 2016 NACHA Rules Revision, Same Day ACH: Phase 1. 

9/7/2016 -- Don't miss these special opportunities to engage with us, network with each other, and enjoy some valuable education and fun.

9/1/2016 -- Corporate One’s July 2016 unaudited monthly financials are now available. View the July Unaudited Financials.

8/29/2016 -- The massive success/popularity/profitability of Pokémon Go reminds us about the tremendous capacity that digital/mobile experiences have to attract and engage consumers of all ages, millennials in particular.

8/22/2016 -- In the big picture, credit unions across the country continue to increase their loan-to-share ratios.

8/15/2016 -- Phase 1 of Same Day ACH is within sight, and Corporate One is busy preparing our members on ACH Services to successfully make it through this first transition, which goes into effect on September 23.

8/8/2016 -- Corporate One’s Second Quarter 2016 unaudited financials and June 5310 report are now available. View the Second Quarter Unaudited Financials and June 5310 report.

8/8/2016 -- With the summer heat fully upon us, I thought this would be a good time to share some Corporate One “hot” happenings with you.

8/2/2016 -- Corporate One’s May 2016 unaudited monthly financials are now available. View the May Unaudited Financials.

7/26/2016 -- Fun fact about me: I have become an amateur plumber. Recently, I learned how to adjust the hot water on my shower by removing the handle and adjusting the threads. I told myself to learn it, and I did. Thank you, YouTube.

7/19/2016 -- Financial institutions are “feeling the need, the need for speed.” With this month’s 30th anniversary of the movie “Top Gun,” this well-known quote also applies to the current global race for constant availability of real-time payments.

7/12/2016 -- This month, I'd like to share a couple of topical scams and money laundering themes you might pass along to your credit union team.

7/6/2016 -- The weather isn't the only thing that's heating up these days. Faster payments and mobility are trends in our industry that are hotter than ever right now as the payments landscape continues to change at lightning speed and the first phase of the new Same Day ACH rule goes into effect this fall.

6/27/2016 -- With Great Britain voting to pull out of the European Union, financial markets are reacting to the uncertainty now facing the global economy. Find out what Corporate One has done to prepare for these volatile markets and how we remain ready to help you serve your members’ needs.

8/3/2016—As announced in June, Corporate One URLs and IP addresses for Members Only and most of the applications we offer within it are changing over the weekend of August 13 as part of a project that will upgrade our data service connections and servers. Beginning at 11:00 PM on August 12 through the early morning of August 15, Members Only and the various services within it being upgraded will be unavailable. This includes home banking imaging services that many credit unions provide their own members.

6/27/2016 -- Credit unions and outstanding member service go together like Mom and apple pie. Sure, credit unions have great rates, low fees, and a cooperative business structure. However, it’s always been the service that has set them apart.

7/20/2016 -- As announced in June, Corporate One URLs and IP addresses for Members Only and most of the applications we offer within it are changing over the weekend of August 13-14. These changes could impact your credit union’s ability to access Members Only and the respective applications you use daily to conduct your credit union business. A checklist and a listing of the new URLs and IP addresses have been made available to your credit union, as has an IP testing site, to ensure it has what it needs to maintain connectivity. We have asked all credit unions to test connectivity by the end of July.

6/20/2016 -- Thank you to those of you who participated in the live BSA/AML/OFAC webinars on May 4 and 5. Our presenter, Mark Dever, talked about what was then the proposed rules to strengthen customer/member due diligence.

6/13/2016 -- With a host of investment options available in the market, it can be tough to decide which investment strategy to use. Do you just stay the course with your tried-and-true investment strategy? Or do you go against the flow and try something different? If you stay the course with your current strategy, what happens if you can’t find the kind of investment option you want in the timeframe you want it? Is that when you try something new?

6/7/2016 -- In June, we'll be kicking off a number of projects that will take place throughout the end of the year that will strengthen our organization. We will be upgrading servers, consolidating data centers and strengthening our IT posture through a handful of projects.

5/31/2016 -- This month, I wanted to share a couple of topical scams and money laundering themes you might pass along to your credit union team. Some of the following will be familiar while some of these topics, schemes and scams may be new to you and your team.

5/24/2016 -- With summer right around the corner, monitoring your liquidity position may become a higher priority within your organization. The following three tips will help your credit union ensure the health of your balance sheets.

5/17/2016 -- Corporate One has partnered with the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF) to provide a convenient way for credit unions to make a Community Investment Fund (CIF) investment in support of the NCUF’s work and aid the efforts of the NCUF and their own state/regional foundations. Check out how you can participate in this special offer.

5/11/2016 -- Digital convenience is the new “must have” for credit unions to compete for new members. A recent article by The Financial Brand titled “Top 3 Banks Get Majority of New Customers” reports the following: “‘Digital convenience’ helps the top three banks acquire more new checking accounts than the next 17 largest banks combined. To win the battle for a smaller number of checking accounts ‘in play’ requires a better understanding of consumer profiles, attitudes, behaviors and trends.”

5/5/2016 -- On April 28, Corporate One held its annual meeting where we reviewed our achievements for 2015 and shared our vision for the future. We enjoyed seeing many friends and hearing about the successes at your credit unions this past year. During this meeting, we also released our annual report.

4/28/2016 -- On February 8, 2016, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) announced a $2,485,690 settlement with Barclays Bank Plc (Barclays) over its potential civil liability for 159 apparent violations of the Zimbabwe Sanctions Regulations, 31 C.F.R. Part 541. Like all legal and regulatory actions, this is informative for credit unions as we approach pending “beneficial ownership” rules and regulations and its possible program obligations.

UPDATED 4/25/2016 -- Corporate One today released its 2015 Annual Report, complete with the Management's Discussion and Analysis, as well as the audited financials and footnotes. Thanks to the continued support of members nationwide, Corporate One recorded $8.9 million in net income in 2015, for a total regulatory capital position of more than $271 million as of Dec. 31, 2015.

4/22/2016 -- For investors in the fixed-income market, it feels like Groundhog Day all over again. Why? Let’s recap some recent events.

4/19/2016 -- Corporate One’s February 2016 unaudited monthly financials are now available. View the February Unaudited Financials.

Complimentary webinar on May 17 highlights effective mobile strategies
4/19/2016 -- Technology is evolving every single day. It probably comes as no surprise that mobile experiences continue to shape the breadth and scope of financial services relationships. Among other issues, credit unions (and other financial institutions) are facing what you could call the “fractured finance scenario.”

4/12/2016 -- Spoiler alert. There are no cons to our annual BSA/AML compliance training. The title just sounded better that way.

4/7/2016 --Remember Cecil the dragon from the animated cartoon Beany and Cecil? Whether or not you recall that friendly character, the “Cecil” we are most familiar with these days is the financial industry’s CECL (current expected credit losses).

3/30/2016 -- Accolade Asset/Liability Advisory Services has introduced a new Loan Advisory, which helps credit unions comply with adjustments to the way ALLL (allowance for loan and lease losses) is calculated under the new CECL (current expected credit loss) rules proposed by FASB (the Financial Accounting Standards Board).

3/23/2016 -- Hosted by EPCOR and Corporate One, our three-part Same Day ACH webinar series is now available on-demand. This series walks you through exactly what you need to prepare for the new same-day processing. Visit our TCP page to request the webinar links. Bonus: If you compete all three webinars, you will receive a Corporate One Training Certification Program certificate.

Updated training highlights new topics, early-bird discount available
3/25/2016 -- We hope you will take advantage of this year’s training options. Registration is now open, and we are offering early-bird discounts through April 4.

3/18/2016 -- In last month’s Solutions article, I wrote about our recent visit to the Governmental Affairs Conference, which is the largest advocacy event of the year for our industry. Since then, it has been widely reported by state leagues and in trade publications how three-fourths of House lawmakers have shown their support of one of our key initiatives by signing a bipartisan letter, calling on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to take more action on easing regulations for credit unions and community banks. This news is both exciting and encouraging as it reminds us that advocacy works.

3/11/16 -- Just a couple of months after offering our new MAX product suite to credit unions, interest is high and the buzz is exciting. We’ve already signed five new contracts and shown tons of demos at events across the country.

3/16/2016 -- Corporate One’s January 2016 unaudited monthly financials are now available. View the January Unaudited Financials.

2/24/2016 -- Beginning in February, our members that use SimpliCD will be able to access Primary Financial Company’s new SimpliCD online-trading platform. This platform will enable easy, convenient access to trading and investment research at the credit union level.

2/24/2016 -- Corporate One’s Fourth Quarter 2015 unaudited financials and December 5310 report are now available. View the Fourth Quarter Unaudited Financials and December 5310 report.

2/17/2016 -- On December 23, 2015, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) released “Notice of Availability of Regulatory Impact Assessment and Initial Regulatory Flexibility Analysis Regarding Customer Due Diligence Requirements for Financial Institutions.”

2/10/2016 -- I truly enjoy the sense of possibility and promise each New Year brings. It’s a pleasure to get a fresh calendar and anticipate all the great things that can happen. We are already starting 2016 as a stronger organization that we were just last year.

2/4/2016 -- Corporate One’s November 2015 unaudited monthly financials are now available. View the November Unaudited Financials.

1/21/2016 -- As we welcome the holiday season, it is appropriate for all of us to remember those who lost their lives senselessly in the Paris attacks of November 13, 2015, and in San Bernardino within so few weeks. The Paris attacks were allegedly perpetrated by members of the Islamic State while the California attacks appear, at least in part, to be inspired by the group’s ideology.

By Jeff Duesler, Senior Investment Services Representative

1/14/2016 -- It was of little surprise that the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) raised the target overnight rate at their meeting this month. Individuals have been speculating on when the Fed might make a move since November 2014.

1/8/2016 -- ‘Tis the season to be jolly, and here at Corporate One we are definitely merry about all the great things we have accomplished this year. While we are already looking forward to what we’ll be doing for you in 2016, I want to take a moment to review the great progress we made this year.