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What to know about the August 13-14 scheduled upgrade

Big 5 iconAugust 3, 2016—As announced in June, Corporate One URLs and IP addresses for Members Only and most of the applications we offer within it are changing over the weekend of August 13 as part of a project that will upgrade our data service connections and servers. Beginning at 11:00 PM on August 12 through the early morning of August 15, Members Only and the various services within it being upgraded will be unavailable. This includes home banking imaging services that many credit unions provide their own members.


All credit unions need to add the respective new URLs/IP addresses to their firewall configurations. If your credit union has yet to do this, please use this checklist and reference the new URL/IP address list to make and test the needed changes as soon as possible. Not testing could result in your credit union potentially not being able to access Members Only and other various systems within it after the upgrade.

The impacted services include:

  • Members Only (Corporate One’s member portal that houses all applications and is used by your institution)
  • ACH Services (D+H), including the business/SEG site
  • Wire Services (Domestic only)
  • Member$MART
  • Image Depot.NET
  • eDesk (Virtual Deposit)
  • FTP for VSoft Branch Capture
  • FTP for Share Drafts
  • Online Banking Image Retrieval (Select credit unions only; see Corporate One IP address changes form for details)

This is a big undertaking; however, please know we will delay the upgrade if we feel things aren’t functioning as they should. We intend for this to be a sound move that results in Corporate One being better able to maintain innovative, secure and efficient financial solutions for you.

You should expect no change in operations or activity with Corporate One as a result of the upgrade. You may notice minor changes in the appearance of Members Only, but business should function as usual beginning Monday, August 15. Please don’t hesitate to contact Corporate One Member Services at 866/MyCorp1 if you experience any connectivity issues with Corporate One on that Monday.