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Preparing for Same Day ACH Phase 1: Receiving multiple files now

An interview with Kathy Himes, AAP, Manager of ACH Services

Phase 1 of Same Day ACH is within sight, and Corporate One is busy preparing our members on ACH Services to successfully make it through this first transition, which goes into effect on September 23. The biggest step in preparing for Phase 1 is for all Receiving Depository Financial Institutions (RDFIs) to begin receiving multiple ACH files throughout the day. As we close in on the deadline, we thought we’d chat with Kathy Himes, one of our in-house ACH experts and certified AAP, to help answer some questions you may still have.

Same Day ACH transition to multiple files: Soft launch on September 19, 2016

If you have not contacted us yet, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible so we can schedule when your credit union can begin receiving multiple daily files. If we don't hear from you, please know that we will be transitioning all members on ACH Services from one combined file to multiple files on Monday, September 19, 2016, in preparation of the mandatory September 23, 2016, implementation date.

Available resources: It's not too late to learn what you need to know

To help you prepare, we have also made available various resources in the ACH Services section of the Member Resource Center in Members Only, including on-demand webinar trainings, articles, and links to the leading industry sources. And, don't forget the accredited staff here at Corporate One and at your credit union's respective regional payments association (RPA), all of whom are ready and willing to assist you. We can also assist those credit unions that want to opt-in to Same Day ACH for Origination.

Questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us at 866/MyCorp1.

Question: Why should credit unions start receiving multiple files?

Answer: Credit unions should start receiving multiple files as soon as possible in order to be compliant with the upcoming NACHA Rules Revision on Same Day. The rules revision requires/mandates all RDFIs to receive Same Day ACH, beginning September 23.

Q: What is it like getting a credit union set up on multiple files?

A: Moving a credit union to multiple files is a very streamlined process. After a credit union contacts our member experience department, the credit union will work directly with one of our product specialists. The product specialist will ensure the transition of moving to multiple files is a smooth and successful process. The project timeframe for this transition is approximately two weeks. In addition, if you process ACH via FTP, remember to work with your data processor so they are also prepared to receive multiple files by the mandatory deadline.

Q: Some credit unions have already made the transition to multiple files. What are they saying about the process?

Credit unions are excited about getting a jump on the process of moving to multiple files, and we have a number of our members that have already taken that proactive first step. We are hearing that moving to multiple files is really just a procedure update for the credit union. The credit unions will need to know the different timeframes surrounding multiple files and when to post those files to their members’ accounts, and also ensure their processes and procedures are updated accordingly.

Q: Why is it a benefit if your credit union sets up the process now instead of waiting until later?

A: Preparation can help make this transition much smoother instead of waiting until the mandatory implementation date. Since the announcement of Same Day ACH over one year ago, we have urged our members to make the transition to multiple daily files sooner rather than later to ensure they can successfully receive and post files throughout the day.

Q: Why is Corporate One doing a “soft launch” of the Same Day ACH transition instead of waiting until September 23?

A: Since Phase 1 of the Same Day ACH rule is required/mandated for all RDFIs, Corporate One wants to be proactive to ensure all of our member credit unions meet the September 23 deadline without any issues. Having all of our credit unions already moved over to multiple files prior to the Same Day live date will help mitigate potential problems the day it becomes mandatory, which is also a Friday. And, we all know that Fridays are high-volume days.

Q: Do I still have time to review the resources Corporate One has already provided on Same Day ACH?

A: It is never too late to review Same Day information. Corporate One has provided a variety of live webinars, on-demand training opportunities, resource links and checklists to assist our members regarding Same Day. The more knowledge a credit union has about Same Day rules revisions, the more comfortable the credit union will be moving to multiple file and processing Same Day entries. Members can find these resources in the Member Resource Center within Members Only.

Q: My credit union is still receiving one combined daily file. What should I do to get started?

A: Your credit union can contact Corporate One’s member experience department at or by calling 866/MyCorp1. Our member experience team will get a project assigned for your credit union, and a product specialist will contact your credit union to kick off the project. Again, the project timeframe for moving a credit union to multiple files is approximately two weeks. And, keep in mind that if you process ACH files through FTP, you’ll need to work with your data processor to receive multiple files (whether you schedule a date with us or wait until the September 19 soft launch).