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Reminder: Convenient investment options to support the NCUF and your state/regional foundation

As you’re doing your 2017 planning/budgeting, we want to take a brief opportunity to remind you that Corporate One has partnered with the National Credit Union Foundation (the Foundation) to provide a convenient way for credit unions to support the efforts of the Foundation and their own state/regional foundations by investing in the Community Investment Fund (CIF).

This year we have expanded the options credit unions have available to contribute to the Foundation, making it even easier to participate. Previously, only one option was available through Alaska USA Trust.

But new this year, we have now included two additional, convenient contribution options. These new options are through the SimpliCD program and the purchase of Corporate One term certificates. In both cases, the credit union retains 50% of the coupon and the other 50% is directed to the foundation.

To find more information and see how easy it is to get started, visit our Community Investment Fund webpage.