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Same Day ACH Phase I: Final preparations

Corporate One has been busy communicating to our member credit unions about the upcoming 2016 NACHA Rules Revision, Same Day ACH: Phase 1. We have conducted webinars and in-house trainings, and we also offer on-demand webinars/training information and helpful resources within the Member Resource Center in Members Only. We hope you’ll review a new, helpful resource we created to assist with your final preparations for Phase 1, which goes into effect on September 23. This resource includes detailed information about the following:

  • Receipt processing
  • Returns
  • Origination processing
  • Helpful hints to ensure readiness

You can access this resource in the Member Resource Center within Members Only under ACH Services, Same Day ACH. And, of course, if you have any questions about the implementation of Phase 1, please give us a call at 866/MyCorp1.