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2017 Annual Meeting summary

May 18, 2017

Dear Members:

At our annual meeting on April 27, Corporate One highlighted our 2016 achievements, announced the results of the election of directors, and communicated our vision for the rest of 2017 and beyond. It gives me great pleasure to say that thanks to the ongoing support of our members, Corporate One had a strong year financially while still providing essential liquidity options, competitive settlement servicemargin-left: and modern mobile/digital solutions to our members.

View the 2016 Annual Report

Strong earnings

This past year was our third straight year of near-record earnings, which amounted to $9.7 million in net income. We also ended the year with $284.0 million in total regulatory capital, an increase of $9.2 million since December of 2015. Such a large increase in our capital strength is due to our strong earnings and our members’ support, which is an essential component to our overall success.

Strong initiatives

We have a focused set of strategic initiatives designed to help our members succeed, and in 2016, these initiatives led to several significant projects and advancements of which we are very proud:

  • We helped our members stay at the forefront of the evolving mobile-digital landscape.
  • We enhanced our funding product suite to better serve members across all aspects of their funding needs.
  • We remained focused on offering world-class, faster-payments solutions, an ongoing top priority.
  • We invested heavily in technological research, reaching out to our members to understand their needs and then collaborating with others.

The full details of our 2016 performance can be found in our Annual Report.

Strong leadership

As we focus on the rest of 2017, we plan to keep serving our member credit unions across the nation with secure, innovative, and competitive products and services, putting you in the best possible position for present and future success.

Allow me to extend my sincerest thanks and appreciation to you, our members, who year after year support us and keep Corporate One one of the strongest credit unions in America. On behalf of all of us at Corporate One, thank you.

Lee C. Butke