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From the CEO - Our top 5 initiatives for 2017

From the CEO
January 31, 2017

Dear members:

Corporate One entered the New Year full speed ahead, and I want to take this opportunity to discuss with you our main initiatives for the coming year. Our mission, as always, is to help our members succeed. In 2017, our financial foundation looks to become even stronger and the solutions we provide to credit unions all that more powerful.

Here are our top five initiatives for 2017 and beyond and some details on how each one will benefit your credit union.

Mobile First

When we launched MAX in the fall of 2015, our first mobile/digital family of solutions featuring Gro Account Opening and ClickSWITCH, we knew it was only the beginning of our mobile-first plan for our members. We plan to continue to provide tools to help our members succeed in growing and deepening personal financial relationships with current and future members through valuable, state-of-the-art, mobile-first solutions. I’m excited that considerable space is still present in the mobile-first marketplace to provide new solutions beyond the basic “must haves,” providing both growth and revenue opportunities for our credit unions.

Faster Payments

It probably comes as no surprise that one of our ongoing, strategic goals is to deliver world-class payments solutions to our members and the credit-union movement as a whole. Through our collaborative cooperation model, we keep working on creating the needed scale and capability for our credit unions to succeed. We are happy to have a seat at the table/representation on the Federal Reserve Bank’s Faster Payments Task Force, which allows us to have direct impact on the payments solutions being brought to market.

Of course, we are also highly aware of the operational changes that continue to keep coming your way. Just as we provided a turnkey product solution for phase one of Same Day ACH, we will continue to provide valuable, relevant training, education and a product solution to help our members operationally meet the next two phases.

First in Funding

As members, you know that Corporate One is your automatic “go to” for your credit union’s comprehensive, effective and efficient solution for funding. We have had success in restructuring multiple funding options, and in 2016, we provided numerous solutions to our members through SimpliCD issuance, lines of credit, and loans. Going forward, we will continue to develop additional tools to meet the funding strategies of members as we transform to be your go-to source for funding for any credit union or CUSO.

One Account

We know many of you have a need to manage excess funds (those funds not committed to lending) effectively, efficiently, and competitively. From daily cash/settlement to term investing in qualified investments from a trusted and competitive resource, we’re here to be your strategic partner and your “One-stop” for all aspects of investment management.

This year we’re working on developing a full line up of “sweep like” cash management and investment options make it even more convenient and easy for you to manage your investments.

Innovation and Development

Technology continues to change, well, just about everything. Helping our members succeed in this new world of rapid “finnovation” requires that we respond quickly to their needs and invest today in needed resources.

In November of 2016, in order to signify and strengthen our ongoing commitment to developing and delivering innovative solutions to the credit union market, and to provide needed resources to address our strategic initiatives, we formed a new internal division called “Enterprise Solutions Development.” The creation of this new division will be instrumental in capturing the “voice” of our members, ensuring our solutions are developed or enhanced with our members’ needs first in mind. Creation of this new team emphasizes our commitment to helping our members succeed today and to help them compete in the rapidly evolving financial marketplace.

Succeeding in 2017 and reaching beyond

These initiatives may seem challenging, but let me assure you that I’m excited about all the ways we will be helping you achieve success this year and beyond.

Lee C. Butke