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New opportunity for our members to revolutionize the overall mortgage experience

From the CEO
May 2017

Dear members:

As we see the continued growth in mortgage lending intersect with the consumer-driven move toward online/mobile purchasing for all financial products, I’m excited to announce that we are now offering an opportunity for our members to revolutionize the overall mortgage experience. This opportunity makes the mortgage experience more transparent, efficient and collaborative for everyone involved, including the loan officer, borrower, real estate agents and other relevant parties. Corporate One is partnering with automated mortgage transaction technology provider Roostify to offer a digital mortgage platform that streamlines the entire lending experience.

Credit unions can eliminate days off of the traditional mortgage process with this platform by reducing manual processes and communications. Meanwhile, members get the online/mobile experience they expect in the 21st century: anytime/anywhere access, a clear view into what’s happening with their loan, and faster processing as a result.

Specifically, the platform offers:

  • A clean, customizable user interface, including the ability to brand the site to each respective credit union that uses it.
  • Secure, digital document uploading, management and tracking
  • Consumer collaboration tools that invite all participants into the process, including the loan officer, borrower and third parties, like real estate agents. Participants can communicate in real-time via instant message, easily track deadlines via a calendar view and remain on the same page and aware of the progress taking place via status updates.

Learn more about digital lending during our 2nd Quarter FinTech Webinar

June 29, 2-3:00 p.m. ET

Corporate One is solidifying this partnership with Roostify after a 12-month-plus proof-of-concept trial period in which Superior Financial Solutions, LLC, a mortgage services CUSO of Superior Credit Union in Lima, Ohio, tested the platform with some of its credit union members. Superior decided to adopt the Roostify digital mortgage platform because they found using it made the overall mortgage process so much more efficient, helping complete closings faster.

This partnership with Roostify aligns perfectly with our strategy to help credit unions succeed in the mobile/digital financial marketplace. Corporate One’s offering will be scalable, with three options, so credit unions of all sizes may leverage it. Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

Lee C. Butke