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CEO Note: Strategic vision for 2019

From the CEO
September 03, 2018

Dear members:

We recently concluded our strategic planning with Corporate One’s board of directors. I was excited to have the opportunity to share my vision and my priorities for ensuring Corporate One remains a valuable and trusted strategic partner for you. As Corporate One’s new president/CEO, my strategy, which has the board’s support, is built upon six foundational strategic pillars. I believe these pillars best position us to serve you and continue to help your credit union succeed in the rapidly changing financial marketplace.

Corporate One’s Strategic Pillars

I’ll share more specific details in the coming months, but for now, here’s a summary of the six pillars upon which my strategic plan is built:

  • Product development: We are committed to ensuring we have the right products and expertise so that we can effectively serve our members in the best way possible and meet their needs.
  • Innovation: We will nurture a strong culture of innovation and invention for the benefit of helping our members remain competitive financial partners to their members in an environment where technology is rapidly changing member/consumer expectations.
  • User experience: We will create seamless, intuitive user experiences that delight and enhance solution delivery, so our members can easily leverage our offerings.
  • Branding/positioning: We will embody our brand of service excellence, product expertise and financial strength so that we remain a strong partner to our members.
  • Leadership: We are focused on demonstrating our commitment to leadership to our members, within our own organization and throughout the credit union network.
  • Financial strength: We will maintain a strong capital position to grow our balance sheet and invest in products/services and tools that our members need to succeed. This includes cultivating strong risk-management philosophies, ensuring we focus on helping the corporate grow successfully so we can remain a strong partner to our members.

In the future, I’ll provide more details on our strategic vision and how we will continue creating new ways to drive value to you and to your members. In the meantime, I’m excited to move forward with this shared, strategic vision for Corporate One as we work to be a strong partner to you and your members and to help you navigate the evolving financial services landscape.

Melissa Ashley