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Lee Butke Dear Members:

On April 28, Corporate One held its annual meeting where we reviewed our achievements for 2015 and shared our vision for the future. During this meeting, we also released our annual report. It gives me great pleasure to tell you that 2015 was another successful year for Corporate One, and we are well-positioned to serve our members now and in the future. READ MORE +

 Feature Article
Scams and hot topics in money laundering

Jennifer Morrison By Jennifer Morrison, VP, Senior Risk Manager

This month, I wanted to share a couple of topical scams and money laundering themes you might pass along to your credit union team. Some of the following will be familiar while some of these topics, schemes and scams may be new to you and your team. READ MORE +
 Product News

3 tips to prepare for this summer's liquidity season

Perry Jones By Perry Jones, VP/Portfolio Manager

With summer right around the corner, monitoring your liquidity position may become a higher priority within your organization. The following three tips will help your credit union ensure the health of your balance sheets. READ MORE +

Raise extra money for your state foundation/league now through June 30

Corporate One has partnered with the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF) to provide a convenient way for credit unions to make a Community Investment Fund (CIF) investment in support of the NCUF's work and aid the efforts of the NCUF and their own state/regional foundations. READ MORE +

Share draft imaging retiring on May 2

We are removing outdated share draft menus/screens and reorganizing all remaining share draft-related menus/screens under the "Returns On Line" menu effective May 2, 2016. READ MORE +
 Patty's Corner

Becoming a better learner: Be proactive, not reactive

I have learned that the more digital content I interact with, the more overwhelmed and distracted I can get. The challenge is to be more selective about what I learn and not always take everything from the “digital content buffet.” READ MORE +

 Digital Digest

Digital convenience: The new imperative to compete for new members

By Keith Riddle, SVP, Chief Product Management Officer

Digital convenience is the new "must have" for credit unions to compete for new members. A recent article by The Financial Brand titled "Top 3 Banks Get Majority of New Customers" reports the following. READ MORE +

 Industry News

5 reasons to become an AAP

By Shelly Simpson, AAP, EPCOR Director Certifications and Continuing Education

Have you ever considered becoming an Accredited ACH Professional? Are you jealous of others in the industry who get to put AAP after their name? Whether this is your 2016 goal or not, there are many reasons you should consider becoming an AAP. Here are just five of them. READ MORE +

Are you a member that uses our ACH services? Then this event is for you!

Network and share questions/thoughts with your ACH peers, and discuss how our regional payments association partner, EPCOR, could better assist your financial institution at an upcoming town hall meeting. READ MORE +

BSA OFAC webinar series - May 4-5

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May 2016
Here we go again. Like a scene from "Groundhog Day", economists once again fell into the trap of hoping things would be different in the first quarter. But as was the case in both 2014 and 2015, we once again woke up to an eerily familiar pattern - an economy that is stumbling out of the starting gate. To make matters worse, forecasters - both in the private and policy-making sectors - were convinced until recently that growth would stage a solid rebound from the tepid showing in the fourth quarter of last year. + READ MORE
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