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“FINTECHACCEL | CU” launches to identify, evaluate, and partner with fintech startups to solve problems unique to credit unions

When Sherpa Technologies, a CUSO of Corporate One, launched earlier this year, it was with a singular focus: leading the member experience journey for credit unions. Sherpa’s new partnership with the operating team and program participants at FintechAccel | CU allows the CUSO to build on that mission by linking credit unions with the top fintech startups to solve the industry’s unique problems.

FintechAccel | CU works with industry executives throughout the country to identify and solve issues facing the credit union industry by finding, fostering, showcasing, and partnering with fintech startups. Sherpa’s role is to collaborate with these fintech providers to standardize due diligence and streamline solution vetting through a combination of unique functionality embedded within its Mosaic digital business platform and innovative testing tools from ConnectFSS, a partner and program participant. Mosaic will also be leveraged to accelerate the integration and distribution of fintech solutions to the credit union industry.

"The credit union industry is an ideal fit to partner with leading fintech companies as they look to retain their competitive advantage in an ever-changing banking landscape that consists of enormous technology budgets,” says Kevin Pohmer, Managing Director of FintechAccel and former CEO/founder of Financial Guard. “FintechAccel | CU will provide the platform to identify, evaluate, and partner with fintech startups to solve some of the major issues facing credit unions today.”

Initial sponsoring participants of FintechAccel | CU include Corning Credit Union, Gulf Winds Credit Union, Kemba Credit Union, Virginia Credit Union, One Nevada Credit Union, Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union and Connect Financial Software Solutions (FSS).

In order to be agile in their endeavors in their first year, FintechAccel | CU will be engaging with fintech startups that align with problem statements prioritized by the program participants and will focus on improving and enhancing member experience, deposit acquisition, lending, and digital transformation.

Startups who participate in the inaugural cohort will be invited to Sherpa's FintechAccel | CU one-day Fintech Showcase hosted in Tampa, Florida, in November. The Showcase will include mentoring from the program participants and subject matter experts, an opportunity to pitch to credit union industry leaders, and access to potential credit union partners. Interested startups can apply at