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From the CEO
December 28, 2020

Dear Members:

This holiday season is usually the time of year when I reflect on how grateful I am for all the accomplishments Corporate One has achieved on behalf of our member credit unions. And while I am thankful for those achievements, I’ve been reflecting more and more on how much this unique year has personally impacted not only me but also our staff and credit union family.

No one could have predicted at the beginning of 2020 that this is how the year would turn out. It’s been a year unlike any other, which means many of us are having holiday seasons that look much different than usual. We’ve all made personal and professional adjustments throughout the year due to the difficulties caused by the pandemic. Whether we unexpectedly lost a job or a loved one or know someone who has, no one has remained untouched by the crisis we faced this year.

In difficult times, it helps me to focus on the positive things I can still be thankful for. Personally, as the busy working mom of a 19-year-old daughter in college and twin 15-year-old boys, I am looking forward to the holidays and the forced slowness that the pandemic has brought to our lives. I will enjoy this precious time spent with my family playing games, watching movies, and enjoying home-cooked meals.

From a leadership perspective, I remain especially grateful for how the cooperative spirit of “people helping people” has continued to shine during what has frequently been a very dark year. While Corporate One has worked hard since the beginning of the pandemic to ensure the health and safety of our staff while simultaneously supporting the uninterrupted operations of our own members, credit unions themselves have been on the front lines all year doing great work by assisting individuals and businesses who have so desperately needed help. And, as the effects of the pandemic continue, I hope we all seek out opportunities this holiday season to help those who need it, whether personally or professionally.

As 2020 ends and we anticipate a new (and hopefully better) year, I want to wish you moments of peace and joy along with meaningful connections with family and friends throughout the holidays even if they’re not in person.

Melissa Ashley