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Lee ButkeDear members:

We just got back from CUNA’s Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC) in Washington, D.C., which is the biggest advocacy event of the year for our industry. It brings together advocates on behalf of America’s credit unions and the industry’s 100 million-plus members. READ MORE +

 Feature Article
The importance of ACH audits and risk assessments

By Jennifer Kline, AAP, NCP, EPCOR Director, Audit Services

While conducting an on-site ACH audit and risk assessment, a lending officer asked, “Why would you audit ACH? Isn’t it all automated?” The short, easy answer to why ACH audits are important is “because they are required.” How can we express the importance of ACH audit and risk assessment to those who do not deal directly with all the fine nuances of ACH? READ MORE +
 Product News

Timely anti-money laundering red flags: Human trafficking, human smuggling and tax-refund fraud

By Jennifer Morrison, VP, Senior Risk Manager

Jennifer Morrison Through its website and various advisories, The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) provides criminal typologies or “red flags” that might signal criminally derived funds are flowing through your members’ accounts. The following are some timely categories of “red flags” to pass along to your credit union staff. READ MORE +

Accolade’s new Loan Advisory helps credit unions comply with CECL

Accolade Accolade Asset/Liability Advisory Services has introduced a new service, Loan Advisory, which helps credit unions comply with adjustments to the way ALLL (allowance for loan and lease losses) is calculated under the new CECL (current expected credit loss) rules proposed by FASB (the Financial Accounting Standards Board). READ MORE +

Access SimpliCD’s new online-trading platform

SimpliCD Last month we announced that our members who use SimpliCD would be able to access Primary Financial Company’s new SimpliCD online-trading platform by the end of February. We are pleased to tell you that access to SimpliCD online is now available. READ MORE +

 Digital Digest

Our new MAX product suite: Watch a video to learn more

MAX video Just a couple of months after offering our new MAX product suite to credit unions, interest is high and the buzz is exciting. We’ve already signed three new contracts and shown tons of demos at events across the country. READ MORE +

 For Small Credit Unions
For Small CU

Planning a meeting? We’re ready to help with content and speakers

If you’re looking for content for an upcoming meeting, we’ve got you covered. Does your credit union want to learn more about faster payments, investment options, or how to better manage risk? READ MORE +

 Patty's Corner

Are you ready for the new 2016 BSA training? Updated training highlights new topics, early-bird discount available

More than 150 credit unions tapped into the 2015 BSA/AML and OFAC training presented by Corporate One and Professional Bank Services (ProBank), and we hope you will take advantage of our annual training this year, too. And for those of you who sign up by April 4, you’ll receive an early-bird discount. READ MORE +

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With the economy’s growth engine slowing to a near stall speed at the end of last year, questions about the durability of the U.S. recovery are once again taking center stage. Indeed, some believe the upturn is on its last legs, limping inexorably towards the twelfth recession in the post war period. After all, the recovery that began more than six and a half years ago is already longer than the 59-month average life-span of the previous eleven recoveries. When humans, machines or events age, they become more fragile, less productive and/or tend to wear out their welcome. + READ MORE
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